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  1. Thanks Downwind,yeah doing my physio Duncs,I'll be shooting again within a week,thou the key thing is frustrating at times hahaha
  2. lost some feeling(nerve damage)&movement Duncs,it will be about 50% what it used to be,but better than not having it,doing the ol massage the squash ball trick.no pain thou,just numb but as said will get some feeling and use back,at least wasn't the trigger finger hahaha.
  3. Had the surgery on the thumb lucky too still have it really, out of hospital now and very impressed with the job by all Drs involved. Now back to life on the land. Hi hanks for all the posts too,other peoples accidents can be other people laughter sometimes within reason. Hahaha
  4. Hahaha yeah I know Dave,guess I just have to much fun land too leave it thou hahaha. That's why I'm single dinner date or hunting ah I think hunting,too afraid to get a missus too set in my ways plus don't want anyone to stop me from hunting and fishing got a great blue heeler hahaha.
  5. Thanks guys,I'm actually a lefty Duncs I always hold the few Al's with my strongest hand and cut with my right,maybe should change that hahaha. Still awaiting surgery. Yeah the city folk all squirm when I tell them,I enjoy the looks on there faces, the think I'm some barbaric redneck hahaha. But one of nurses is hot and Nepalese and she's like a farm I love farming and eating goats, so I said jokingly but meant it you can come back too my place and be my home nurse change dressing etc and I'll get you a nice goat and cook I feed up for you,she actually laughed and said I'm on holidays in 2weeks flirting so said perfect is it deal then. Waiting for a response back hahaha. I'll be healed right on time for Eildon and Dartmouth can't wait hahaha.
  6. Thanks Gibbo nah not the first time,the other scars from a pig tusk while sticking it,life in the bush is pretty brutal sometimes, but lucky I'm OK at fixing myself up hahaha then off too hospital hahaha. My mates driving my 4wd Ute down so will call in and have a beer with you Gibbo hope you been well bro
  7. Was out chasing and hu ting feral goats on Tuesday,shot a nanny got to her and she had 2kids so decided too neck them in the process it moved and put my trusty Gerber straight thru my thumb. So good in fact got transferred from Orange Base Hospital to RPA in Sydney. The funny thing was Big Ozzie Jim rang me just after I done it had a quick chat but I'm all good other than surgery tomorrow and being in Sh#tney but also a big thanks to Hilldogs and Profty and there great you tube videos keeping me entertauned. You should've look on the inner west Drs and nurses when I told them what happened was priceless wish I recorded it ah city folk hahaha
  8. this might sound crappy i bought a $30 Eiger spotlight from Bunnings has red reflector beacon and tube side thats actually why i bought just for emergency ute light as you do in bunnings by more stuff than you have too hahahaha, said had 1km beam,they weren't wrong,took it home stood on the porch lit up the hill like daylight and a very solid beam,i've had 12months now,and it's bullet proof pardon the pun,dropped hot engine oil when had to do emergency oil change,dropped countless times,knocked it over,battery wobbles everywhere and it still goes,so i bought another i thoroughly recommend it,now it's all i use the light force has been relegated as a shed light now.
  9. hi i'm from the central west,i do farming work and have been a keen hunter and shooter since i was teenager now mid 40s and still loving it.i also do professional shooting and vermin control,and all sorts off pest control as well from crop spraying too things that crawl.
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