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  1. Hi Mate, I didn't want to post someone else's content on the open forum so can I send them direct to you.

    I reckon I have seen a pic of this stag before, Have you got any images of that stag?






    1. balltearer


      No I havent any at all and no connection to that stag either,a mate sent the pic to me originally.

  2. Hi All, I am a keen hunter who has been at it for nearly 50 years,and still keen.I love to bust foxees with a shot gun over some good j.r. terriers. But not shy of zapping them with a 17. I have shot thousand for the skin trade over the years.Have also boxed many rabbits and pigs for a bit of pocket money. Live on the northern tablelands of n.s.w. Cheers, Foxdog.
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