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  1. Keep an eye on the wonnangatta hunt, normally held in may. You could be the 2nd bloke from overseas to attend. Search "wonnangatta 2017", "wonnangatta 2019" etc to check out the threads
  2. Guaranteed you see more deer with rod in hand than a rifle in hand for what ever reason that is,
  3. Welcome aboard Regz get on board the hunts that get posted up
  4. Aussie is huge, where are you thinking search wonnangatta in the deer hunting, we need some international hunters to come to it
  5. I'm up at Eildon a fair bit with samhuntvic around Eildon Jamison road. I'm in narre Back to the campsite for a BBQ and a beer with tall tales and high hopes for next week
  6. Yep, he came for a cuddle at night, then the missus came to your tent at night to give him back, I think she was sick of being licked I think your mates that came up, are my neighbours from narre warren,
  7. G'day Jake, have you got a staffy named petrol?, lol
  8. i hunt sambar deer, my latest rifle is the remington pump police 308, for those face to face incounters, i live in south eastern suburbs of melbourne, i also love paddock shooting with the spot light,
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