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  1. Let's revisit this Duncs , after 3 years is it still good ?
  2. I'm in need of something to hide my ugly face from these deer... What's everyone using? Is anyone using the old school face paint or rubbed charcoal? Cheers guys
  3. Cheers for the review, It looks like a solid mat .
  4. Awesome info fellas, exactly what I needed rather than the usual speil we get with the product by the makers. I've just spent a bit of time looking up all the different brands you have all used or are using and they all look like they'd suit my needs perfectly. I'll be keeping my eye out and if/when I see one on sale or the right price I'll jump on it. Cheers
  5. I know there's plenty of info on the subject here but there seems to be an influx of new harnesses on the market at the moment. Most of the big name brands have a new design out. I've only ever used an elastic strappy sort of one and I find it fine but I'm interested in hearing the benefits of the newer styles with a whole pouch/bag sitting on your chest. Do they get in the road when on hands and knees going under stuff or sit well? Are they a hassle to get the binos out of every 2 mins while stalking ? Can u fit a couple of snacks or the GPS ect in there as well ? Cheers
  6. That's the exact shape and size I'm after in a knife. It's a ripper present ! 9 years mate cmon do the right thing... Ah guess I can't talk though as I'm going on 16 with mine and still not married
  7. I haven't but I would for sure , there very soft and thick underfoot. I just haven't had the chance to stalk in on one unnoticed or the boots would be off.
  8. Yer I've had a pair for a few years now and love them. I only wear them when hunting coz at $65 a pair I'm not replacing them ! There very warm and comfy but take a fair while to dry being a wetsuit type material.
  9. I've used one for a few years , I just bought a used Motorola and got the cheap $20p/m account from Telstra . The acc has to be post paid and u must get them to activate intl roaming for it to work . Calls are dearer this way at $4 per min and $1 texts but I barely use it and I still get $20 per mth to use . This is through the iridium system .
  10. Another havalon lover here , only problem is I keep losing the bugger ! Im up for a new one now .
  11. The boys have it covered pretty much , I will add the pack has to fit well as the other fellas have said . Like Mick I've had a couple of trips with a pack that doesn't suit my waist and it really sucks when u have 15kg sitting and pulling your shoulders down and back for 3hrs ! what sort of country are u looking to hunt and camp in , that will decide the quality of the gear you need . cheers
  12. For $400 u might find some Nikon monarchs , there a very dependable bino . Or even keep an eye on places like gumtree .
  13. Hey guys , anyone here use the Icebreaker Ika range of merino thermals ? If so what's your thoughts ? The come in a good camo too . Cheers
  14. Yer I use one Sathvelos , a great unit for that exact reason and more , that being said I like the idea of no yearly subscription like this unit has . Looks the goods Geoff !
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