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  1. What I have found is no matter what they say it’s made out of or how it’s layered if it’s waterproof it won’t breath as easy so if your doing a fair bit of foot work you’ll probably find you’ll sweat in them
  2. I almost think breathability it more important then waterproof , I hate sweating in pants ! And sweating can actually lead you be colder which I found out
  3. Yeah love it ! I’m running the shorts aswell now and can’t fault them. , everything holds up well in thick Bush and blackberrys but my legs take a battering ! But I’m a shorts man and love the flexibility and the fact I don’t sweat In them , waiting to get caught in a mid winter downpour to really see how the jacket performs
  4. Well said joe , I’ll definitely keep that all in mind ! Very valid points ???? Cheers
  5. Ended up pulling my back something shocking 10 mins before knock off on Friday and ruled me out for the weekend ?? Absolutely devastated but fingers crossed not this weekend but the next is wet and I’ll go out ! I just wished snakes didn’t exist ?
  6. I haven’t got a chance yet unfortunately! But fingers crossed , I’ll get out for 2 nights this weekend. Just to a local spot down low , plenty of water and less hound pressure so it will be interesting , I’ll keep you updated !
  7. Looks a lot more upgraded !!
  8. Cheers mate ! I ended up finding out it was nearly full , so cleared all the rubbish off and now it's good as gold ! Thanks again ??
  9. Yeah I noticed the kiwis love running that setup so must be alright ! I reckon I'll try it and see how I go worse case scenario I'll buy some pants yeah I'll invest in another pair of thermals so I can have a freshen up if need be exactly right , this first trip should teach me a lot of what I need and don't need , I think I've got the necessities sorted so it will be just about improving comfort my first hunt will be at dargo at a spot I'm familiar with , I'll hike in a bit and setup but at the end of the day and shit hit the fan for some reason I'd be able to hoof it back to the ute. Don't wanna go to big to early
  10. Yep that's exactly what made me upgrade ! I've had no real issues hunting in the wet locally but I find they don't breath same with the pants ! Anyone hunt in thermals with shorts ? I'm thinking of going in that direction for breathability and flexibility but worried about they would perform in wet weather
  11. Yeah I did this and also did the master reset and clear out all my old tracks so hopefully that solved the problem !
  12. Yeah all seems to be high quality stuff so now it's just a matter of trying it out and seeing how it holds up ! The jacket came with a 5 yr warranty and if you have an accident while hunting and it ends up wrecked they replace it, pretty impressive
  13. Yeah thought of getting socks that dry quick , otherwise I'll stick to my explorers yeah I like the 50mm for the light it draws but if it gets too heavy I'll swap it for something lighter
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