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  1. 4wd supercentre has 2x for $158 delivered, havent used one but blokes that have them seem to be happy with them for the money https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/electrical-products/trail-camera/2x-adventure-kings-trail-game-camera.html?videos=1&utm_source=4wdsc-edm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=191111-edm-otherprovider_7days&utm_term=electrical&utm_content=pos_26_SC-CO-2XTRAILCAM
  2. I rarely go anywhere without some sort of blade. 99% of the time it is a leatherman in the pocket. Very easy to justify carrying it if questioned. Obviously if I am attending anything where I will be scanned or wanded it gets left in the car and goes into checked lugage if flying. Carrying a knife with a genuine reason isn't ileagal and a leatherman is the easiest to justify as it has so many uses. Personal protection isn't a genuine reason and will almost certainly see you charged. If you feel naked without a knife a leatherman is a easy compromise.
  3. 220

    Butchering Gear

    A quick search for "butchers steak knife" will turn up a heap of images. Generally from a bit over 20cm up to around 35cm in length, fairly straight and heavy blade, I think they look like a miniature machete.
  4. 220

    Butchering Gear

    For cutting up if you don't have one I would recommend getting a steak knife, not the sort you use for eating with but a butchers steak knife for slicing steaks. I went years cutting steaks with boners, skinning and flaying knives since getting a proper steak knife I use it more than the others combined for cutting up.
  5. Roar II its great, given up on my old oilskin even for general farm duties in the wet and wear the roar. Ordered a pair of pants earlier in the week, with it looking like a wet winter the only way I will be getting around the farm is on the 4 wheeler so should be able to stay totally dry.
  6. Should do, only spent an hour or so Sat night spotlighting but no fatigue, have it adjusted so with my hand on the handle my arm is resting on the door. Made everything adjustable to make sure it could be adjusted to suit a few different users. Fairly easy to knock up, 25 and 19mm rhs, the 19 is a good fit inside the 25 so easy to make them slide adjustable. Couple of pieces of 25mm angle welded back to back and cut back a little fits nicely in the top window track and bit of flat bent to suit the door profile on the bottom. Only thing I will have to watch is low hanging branches, the light is probably 500mm above roof hight. I did that deliberately to let me get 360 degrees and still be able to shine the light in close to the vehicle on the off side for when we are shooting bunnies and there is a bit of grass about. Worked great closing gates the other night as well, left the door open and only had to turn the light a bit over 90 degrees to see what I was doing.
  7. Not yet mate Ill try to finish it off today and get some, only tacked everything together to give it a trial and see if I needed to modify anything. Half thinking about incorporating a removable shooting rest into it.
  8. Knocked up a window mount yesterday afternoon and had a trial run last night, needs a few minor mods but Im happy with the overall design and how it worked. Made it reversible so it can be mounted both drivers and passengers side and went with a long handle so I could mount it fairly high. Lets me get a good 360 degree coverage, actually worked well better than having someone shining the light from the passengers seat but not quite as well as someone on the back of the ute.
  9. G'day all Not a new member but I think I'm late paying my membership and have been locked out of everywhere on the forum but here,, (don't think I miss behaved lol) I'll see if this works hopefully it will let me access the forum shop pay my membership and I'll be back to normal.
  10. Discontinued might still be a few in stock with the distributor, I still have a few in the shop, 5 for $2.00 but I better grab a heap for my own stash
  11. I've been doing it since 96, Wife and I have a key to our safe which has A, B & H firearms in it, both have appropriate licences, We also have some club pistols stored in there along with my fathers firearms, storage address for all of them is listed as our address. I also looked after some firearms for a friend of the family when they sold their house and travelled around Aus for 3 years, they simply informed FAR of the change of storage address. No issues at all, last safe inspection the police even turned up with the list for all 5 licences that listed our place as the safe keeping address.
  12. optic

    Hi just wondering if you can give me a price for a mec reloader, nothing fancy just want to reload all shot gun rounds if possible.

    So i will need all the bushings.

    12G to 410G

    Cheers richard.

  13. So does anyone have one or used one? Thinking about stocking them in the shop but have no personal experience with them and would like to hear from anyone that has. A few knives in both the fixed and folder ranges that look like they would be useful skinners, plus they do a couple of pig stickers as well as the usual Bowie & Tanto styles that for the life of me I can't see a hunting use for.
  14. Paddy

    hey mate

    just want to know if your interested in selling one of your .22's?

    one of the bolt rifles


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