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  1. Ok I take the blame for that... My side of the story; On a 3 month shooting contract here in nth qld now, shooting pigs of sorghum crops. I have a thermal monocular mounted on the remote handle on my side x side, and can find pigs in crops and stubble, but they're too hard to pick up with my nightvision and spotlight scares em away. Long story short, I talked to Brinny and he put me onto niteowl. I gave him a ring on Friday morning and had a yarn about models, options and what he adviced me. The hardest part was to convince the missus... So...a long weekend of vacuum cleaning, dishes, cleaning windows, washing her wagon and other things I cant say on here??....I got the ok to buy it. I contacted Niteowl on Monday morning, he knew I was in a bit of a hard situation and in hurry, so everything was arranged In NO time! Scope arrived from W.A. to far north qld on Thursday arvo. Mounted the scope on my T3x varmint in .243, easy job. Out to the job for a night shift , sighted it in (after some good old Dutch swearing?), it's not that hard if you're not in a hurry and stuff up 3 times..lol... Anyway, got it zeroed, and results are, 6 boars in a night and half...out of the sorghum and stubble. I might've only shot 1 of these if I didn't have the new thermal scope. So, from here, a BIG thanks to Niteowl for the good and quick service, you're a legend! Also thanks to Brinny for helping me out with this adventure. Few of the pigs..... Cheers, Dutchy
  2. Hey mate, I found Tusx gear to be the best in hot climate, I'm from up there somewhere and tried heaps of gear. I just cover myself in bushman, the animals will smell you anyway if the wind is wrong...pm me if you need any details or retailers, mate of mine is selling Tusx gear. Goodluck! Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  3. Hahaha, I got the bright pink one...looks pretty ....uh...let's say gay, but I can find it all the time...lol! Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  4. Cool, I use em for everything too now, cutting bulls and skinning etc....love 'em! Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  5. dutchhunt

    Pig Stickers.

    Nice bit of steel for sure...hope you got long legs though....lol... Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  6. dutchhunt

    Pig Stickers.

    Found a pic! Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  7. dutchhunt

    Pig Stickers.

    Good stuff! Mine goes alright, strong and keeps the edge OK. I use it for a bit of rough chopping etc, so she's a bit rough, but I'm happy with it! Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  8. dutchhunt

    Pig Stickers.

    I just use a big muela I think it is! Just a all purpose big sharp knife..can post a pic at the moment, think it's in my gallery somewhere..
  9. Nice one Mick! Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  10. Get one, it's handy! I nearly need a new one by now....lol! Nah, good handy knife, I use it for heaps of things, scalp dogs and cut nuts.... Cheers!
  11. That's a whole Lotta knife! Good stuff those svords, I'm gonna get a all purpose from them. Cheers Dutchy
  12. NQ style, hhihhiihhiiii, live action!
  13. I'll just wear thonges to the Gatta ...
  14. Haha, good one whistler!!! Always good to create a bit of a situation... Where I buy my boots the bloke knows what I'm doing, I try to tell him it's for work otherwise he wants to come hunting ...
  15. i use a garmin etrex 30, don't know how much it was, but to be honest... if i was you i would buy the best you can afford with the opportunity to download maps and stuff and a good screen. i know my properties and for me it's just a safety thing in case i get lost or when i shoot a trophy and want to pick it up. i also use it when i trap new properties and mark all my traps so i don't loose any... Cheers Dutchy
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