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  1. going out to my favourite property tomorrow!!

  2. hey stuy, heard we got a big 90 kg boar at the neighbours station the other night? my bitch got it with max from Evan....got another small one at the valley.....
  3. Good Chrissie present, won a Howa 1500 in .308 with scope!!!!

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    2. dutchhunt


      and definitely better then the "good old chrissie presents", haha...

    3. gafloss


      Well done, Dutchie!

    4. dutchhunt
  4. every man dies.....not every man really lives............

    1. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      Well get out there and live

  5. every man dies.....not every man really lives............

  6. G'day, I'm not a new member, but moved from the netherlands to OZ 2 years ago, got back into hunting here (home hill,nth. qld). Just bought a ruger .270 stainless/synthetic, mainly for pigs. Cheers and happy hunting out there
  7. Gday I'm Jordy from Holland and I'm busy to get my permanent visa for Australia. I'm leaving Holland cause it's to crowded and there are a lot of people who make hunting difficult,like a lot of ministers and people from the government. Here in Holland I hunt wit a 12 and 20 gauge shotgun for rabbits,hare and phasants. I got a Krico .22 lr , a Weihrauch .22 hornet and a tikka 30.06 for deer and wild boar in germany. Hope to join you some time Good Hunting jordy
  8. Gday John, my question is....why do you leave Australia???? I'm from Holland and i'm going to live in Australia! If everything is going well my visa is ready in june,so i go there as quick as possible. But your question about hunting in holland is very easy. There is almost no opportunity left to hunt in holland,there are almost 17 million people living on this small peace of land. I own with a hunting combination about 200 hectares and that is a lot in Holland. The prices you pay to hunt in Holland are very high,I give you an example: hunting certificate,15 evenings school and 20 practice lessons:about 3000€ hunting licence every year:185€ hunting insurance+membership hunting organisation:120€ and then you need to have at least 40 hectares to make your hunting license valid. the price per hectare to rent only for the hunt is about 15€ per hectare per year. it's too busy in holland that's why i leave,to much stress and if your'e on a hunt everybody's screaming at you,killer,mother@#$%& and all the rest. it's to crowded and everybody is living to far away from mother nature! but at least I want to wish you all the best in Holland with,i hope, some hunting,but it wouldn't be easy good luck, jordy from holland
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