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  1. Be very careful on buying a “Cheap” gun. Whistler
  2. That looks awesome Glenn, top stuff.
  3. I brought this one in Alaska 18 months ago, use it for skinning only. Have a 4” blade Gerber for cutting critters up. Whistler
  4. The good woman and I are down at a mates place (One of his Holliday homes around the country) here in Mallacoota for a few days and a scope like this is just pocket money spent on another toy. To say he is well off is a massive understatement. Whistler
  5. There are spotting scopes and there are spotting scopes. I have had the good fortune to be looking through this the last few days and all I can say is wow but at $6500+ it’s out of my league. 65x zoom and as clear as. I was watching a couple on the beach fishing over 2klm away and could see him putting line through the guides on his fishing rod, absolute amazing clarity.
  6. Hi ManU, welcome back. I have a pair of Scarpia’s and have found them great, I use them with wool/possum fur blend socks that I bought in NZ. I would listen to 264’s (Mick’s) advice because he has been there done that in NZ. as he stated once the water goes over the top of your boots, that’s it. Not much you can do about it. If your doing a lot of creek crossing’s take a light weight pair of runners with you and just change them at each crossing as well as light Sox. Whistler
  7. Meopta Meopro’s app$500-$600, very good glass as well as excellent warranty, I dropped mine and they replaced them for nothing. They were 3-4 years old. Can not beat that for service. Whistler
  8. Picked up a nice new skinning knife today here in Alaska, nice weight to it. Whistler
  9. I have the Meopta's and can not fault them. I dropped them hunting down south two years ago and lost the eye cup and focus dial, sent them down to Winchester (the importers) to get them fixed and they sent me a brand new pair. I had had them for 3 years. Can't complain about their warranty service. Whistler
  10. I use to live in Kalkite and Berridale. Whistler
  11. What part of the Snowy are you from Noz? whistler
  12. Hi mate

    just read that your main job is an Oyster Farmer, where do you have your leases?


  13. Duncs loves Rhino users.........just like Clowns........ Whistler
  14. Add the Meopta Meopro to the $600 range as well. They are good and come with a 10 year warranty. They replaced mine 2 months ago with a brand new pair after I lost the focus knob and rubber eye cup (my fault) so their back up service is great, not only great glass. Whistler
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