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  1. Hi All, Im kirragc from Bendigo. Lately I have been thinking of getting back into hunting after a bout 15 years. Used to hunt bunnies and the occasional fox with shotties and ferrets (seperately) but really wnat to try deer stalking. More than anything its my excuse to go bush, after 5 years of young kids and business commitments its about time for a bit of a hobby. So the plan is to get the licence and permits and get myself a cheap .270 spend some time at the range and out in the bush again and see if I can get some Venison inthe fridge. Last 5 years of bringing up my boys has got me prety skilled in the kitchen and I love game and Pinot. Went to buy some rabbit the other dat and was charged ten dollars for a frozen bunny. I thought there is a better way. cheers
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