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  1. got the garmin to upload the GC maps but the software dont run on macs lol ill get the fusion software one day
  2. cheers guys looked over it but wasnt sure if it was hidden or just no existant
  3. does anyone know if you can put a memory card into the garmin GPS 60?
  4. i think vinney has decided what the best for him is????? and he did give his reasons for it
  5. cheers guys went with the garmin gps 60
  6. looking into getting a GPS off ebay for when im out in the SF's just wondering what you guys have and what do you think of them? garmin, etc cheers
  7. cheers guys will look into a smaller pair thought 20x80 was quiet big
  8. looking into getting a set of binos had a quick look on ebay and found a pair of 20x80 saxon binoculars has anyone used them before and how did they go? are they worth the money or should i go for something abit better ill be using them from deer hunting 99% of the time so field experience would be tops cheers
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