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  1. I went to the Gun store in las Vegas today, it was awesome,I got to use a M249 SAW , M4 and a M9 PISTOL :)

    1. cameronpatrol



      hope your getting heaps of pics

    2. Dmac


      Got heaps mate, I will put them up when I get back

    3. cameronpatrol
  2. dmac75 Just went to Basspro store in las Vegas, AWSOME, new boots,new scope for the 17hmr, binos harness case, and lots of little junk stuff :) I'm not gonna make it to cabels :(

    1. cameronpatrol


      dude ya gotta go to cabelas!!!!!!

  3. someone from Aushunt sent me a message, i deleted it accidentally, i cant rememeber who it was, so if you see this send it again please

  4. Going to the Springvale SSAA range on Saturday for a plink

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. cameronpatrol


      Ah cool what they sting ya to shoot there?

    3. Dmac
    4. cameronpatrol


      Thats a pretty good deal. Might have to go there myself and have a look

  5. just bought my new Model 700™ SPS™ Varmint in 204 topped off with a Nikon Buckmasters® 6-18x40SF

  6. Took my son out for his first rabbit shoot, he had a ball, and the new jack russell pup did a great job.

    1. SamHuntVic


      Got any pictures ?

    2. Dmac


      i do, i will send you one

  7. is off to do some bunny bustin for the afternoon

  8. Just got back from the Gold coast, back to lovely Melbourne weather. Im ready for a hunt!!

  9. gday my name is Doug i live in Mornington Victoria, i have recently purchased a Browning BLR 300wsm and i am looking for someone to go Samber shooting with so if your interested send me a message.
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