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    shooting,bushwalking,holden v8's old school ones,
    working on cars and motors,have'n fun with like minded people.
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    TIKKA T3 270
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    cz 452 22
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    stoger condor 12g
    tikka t3 243 coming soon.

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  1. Cammo. Where did you get that from that's what I'm looking for mate.
  2. Thanks mate but I don't really want to put tape on the stock as is will get sticky when I pull the tape off.
  3. Hi I've just picked new tikka and the wood grain is to nice to scratch up out hunting. I seen awhile ago somewhere that you can get stock covers to put over the whole stock to protected it. Does anyone know where I can get one of these from in aust I have only found them in the USA and they don't have prices on them. Thanks for looking at this post I hope someone can point me to the right place.
  4. Mate I have a Sony handy cam model HDR-PJ10E It's not top of the line by any means but it's records in HD and I love it the cam also has a built in HD projector so you can watch your days recording when you get back to camp or show your mates. The zoom on the cam is 30x optical and 42x extended zoom.when I use it in low light the cam shows up better then you can see. I paid $800 16 months ago but I think you can pick one up for around $600 or less now at JB hi fi. I also picked up a bigger battery off eBay for it that lasts 16 hours recording time and that was $20. The cam has 16 GB internal memory and what ever size card you put in it. I hope this helps you out

  6. i'v had the biggest week i'v traveled 2000kms in 3 days.my sister found out she had a brain tumor and i had to go and see mt big sis as i thought it might of been the last time.but hank god she came out on top the operation. love ya sis.

    1. Zardez


      good to hear she is alright mate, wish her a speedy recovery

  7. got home last night had a good 4 days hunting we got 6 pigs and heaps of rabbits.

  8. going away tomorrow aswell hope i can sleep well tonight as i'm bite'n at the bit to get away with me son and get some fox's and pigs.the utes packed just waiting for the 4am alarm to go off.

  9. come on weekend i cant wait totry and get a fox and hopefuly some pigs aswell.friday set the baits and have until monday arvo to get something.

    1. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      Me to Warren let us know how you go no excuses boy?

  11. mate i'v just made a light set up out of a roof rack for the june long weekend. what i used was a rolla roof rack and put a arm out over the drivers door with a T handle that the light screws on to i will have to lift it up to get out of the ute when i want to get out so i have it on a hinge i'v set this up becourse i'll be driving while my son will be shooting off the back of the ute.i'm also make'n another one that you might be interested in which is pritty much the same but i'll use two roof racks and make a brace that sits around afoot off the roof so the T handle sitts level with the roof SO I'LL BEABLE TO OPEN THE DRIVERS DOOR WITH OUT MOVE'N THE SPOTLIGHT. i'll beable to use this when my son is'nt shooting off the back of the ute as it will be sitting to high off the roof and it will block alot of view for the shooter. i've got an 1989 hilux and i found the roof racks at the wreckers for $20 so buy some roof racks and have ago mate its not that hard if i can do it i think anyone could do it. I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU OUT MATE.
  12. hi i have a tramontinox hunting knife that i'v had for around 10 years that i got of an old boss of mine it was his fathers hunting knife and when he died he gave the knife to me as long as i looked after it. so i'm after some info on this knife eg,are thay any good steel wise,and can you stil buy these knives.i cant find anything on the net about these knives. i'v put an edge on it and have used it once for meating a pig and it held its edge the hole way. i just want to know should i put the knife away and buy an other knife to use or should i use this one. the knife is a 8 inch blade and bone handle style.AOL is 30cm
  13. off for a fox hunt tomorrow with my son i hope we get some.

    1. shootsafe


      Tally Ho and if you dont get any enjoy the time out with the son.

    2. Big Maxy
    3. wazza-hg


      didnt get any fox's but i did get 12 rabbits and a pig with the 17hmr.

  14. i have the 240 blitz and use it on fox's rabbits and when my mate comes out in my ute we use it on roo's as he shoots them for a living.as for fox's i've spoted around 30 with it and thay are not that sppoked with it compared with my oldmans 170 with a red filter.and as for rabbits i have had no problem with it if thay run i just flicker the light and thay sit again and pop down thay go i'll be getting some filters just so i can have them on hand if the fox's are spooked easly.go the lf240 blitz i can get around the 350mtr mark with it on a clear night.
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