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    Like a mist through the forest
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    Fox Shooting and my YOUTUBE CHANNEL- trickybricky64
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    Sako TRG22, Custom 204, Tikka HB 204, Tikka T3 204, Savage Predator 204, Rem 700 223, Ackley Hornet 17, Tikka T3 25/06, Tikka T3 300 WSM, Howa 308, Baikal U/O 12g, CZ .22, FX Storm Air Rifle

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  1. I just bought a Panaconic HC-V100 for some more Fox Whisperer Videos in lite and turns on quick.
  2. caught 14 blackfish today

    1. cameronpatrol


      Good stuff mate

      Have ya tried em on plastics?

  3. is going fox whistling tomorrow

  4. Some nights you just dont see anything

    1. Paddy


      so frustrating and sometimes boring but better than being at home watching the idiot box!

  5. is heading out for a quick spotlight to night look out foxes if your out tonight

  6. going to go to the Range with Bigfellascott on the 31st told him to leave his missus at home dont want her showing us up?

    1. michaeljp


      Which range you going to?

    2. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      Belmont near Brisbane michaelip

  7. shot 15 foxes last night finished up at 3am

    1. rick09


      Must be the go, we got 15 last night and finished up at 2.00.

    2. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      yeah rick I got all pups not much fun really but a dead fox is a good fox

    3. rick09


      We got a mixed bag, scotch predator call was working well, good we have the bounty on the go, get a little back for our efforts here in Vic.

  8. Think I will go fox hunting tomorrow night and all day tuesday

  9. will be in issue 40 of The Hunter mgazine. The Story called Fox Hunting made Easy hope you guys check it out when it come out.

  10. ahhhh farmer ring me a 6am asking me to come out and shoot the foxes killing his stock.

  11. Is going Flathead spinning. Too wet to be trugging around the paddocks

  12. I had a free range chicken farmer ring me tonight. Needs help bad. Look out foxes I be on my way soon?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nackers


      Hahaha, good one Max!

    3. cameronpatrol


      Isn't it time you aplied for a semi auto maxy

    4. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      D class dont think I need one cam

  13. loaded over 200 204's and 200 223's ready for next year fox season

  14. Went to whistle a fox yesterday but failed. But I come across a tree full of Myna Birds nesting. So I sniperd 10 with the Ackley 17

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rob - CW

      Rob - CW

      Nice one Maxy! I plugged a couple of males at Bathurst on the weekend. Jack Rabbit Distress was the call...

    3. 10 Mile Sniper

      10 Mile Sniper

      Good on ya mate, get rid of the niosy dirty bastards

    4. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      Good going Rob. I wish my camera battery didnt go flat I would have got some good footage lol

  15. Went to Western Sdyney Uni today to take my son to play aus tag and while he was playing I went for a walk and whistled up a fox lol

    1. adzym


      Awesome! Buggers are everywhere!

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