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  1. 18 days since PTA submitted... 10 more to go. Why do the days go so slowly!?!?!!

  2. Damn it Scott, you beat me to it again Solarforce-sales are good with faulty parts. I had a broken module in my pro-1 when it arrived but they sent me a replacement no questions asked.
  3. Awesome light the Pro-1. I use mine with an L2P body, works a treat.
  4. Get a Pro-1 and never look back The Pro-1 out throws the WF-008 by a mile - even with the one 18650.
  5. Hopefully bag some bunnies this weekend if the weather holds out. Fingers Crossed!

  6. I might get myself a Buck Vanguard (for heavier work) while I am at it. But threat will get through easy won't it?
  7. Thanks guys. The pivot is the same as any other swiss army knife just with the single thumb loop.
  8. Righto, thanks for that mate. Will stick with the normal folder.
  9. G'day again, Just got a quick question about importing knives into Australia. I am currently looking at a cheap Victorinox Sentinel One Hand and wondering if it will get through customs. I know there are restrictions on flick knives, etc but don't know where they draw the line at lock blade folding knives, especially ones which can be opened one hand. Also, the knife cannot be 'flicked' open and is the practically the same as any other swiss army knife except it is a fixed blade with the 'one hand' opening system. If it is no good, I might have to go with the normal Victorinox Sentinel. Cheers.
  10. I am with fenring. The Solarforce Pro-1 is an absolutely awesome torch. I amaze all my friends with and one of which uses the Wolf-Eyes Sniper 260. I am going to get a battery tube extension to allow me to run two 18650's. According to Solarforce, I should get up to 35% more light output which should be amazing. Like fenring said, with the one battery it is easily a 200 meter torch.
  11. Thanks, I'll do the search. Out of curiosity, where did you mount your ballast?
  12. Thanks Sneaky. Does the HID make a noticeable difference in light output? Also where did you get your kit from? I should have mentioned that the light is used with the PowaBeam window mount and connected to the dual battery via alligator clips.
  13. Hey there guys and gals, I'm lookin' at getting a DIY HID kit for my Lightforce 240 handheld off of ebay. Has anyone on here done this? If so, where on earth did you fit the ballast so it wasn't in the way and does the red filter still work for foxes with the HID globe? Kind of new to HID, so any help is appreciated. Cheers, Shadow
  14. Long weekend coming up :D

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