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  1. G'day mate coming from ozdeer? plenty of stuff on here to look at. and give the deer section some new life cheers cam
  2. Good luck to all the Duck hunters this weekend. Be safe and have a good one

  3. No more Bear Grylls on the TV SHATTERED!

  4. Just had a Quail run under my feet while in the workshop at work. cant find it spewing. dunno what it was doing in seaford.

  5. First taste of the lamb self butchered taste fricken awsome.

  6. Wish I had my rifle the other day stinking wild cat came near our camp. bugger

    1. b_bear


      Should have thrown a stubbie at it.. lol

    2. cameronpatrol


      I missed with a tent pole hahaha

  7. commonwealth sponser Aushunt now??? where's the late posts box gone??lol

    1. AusHunter


      just above, 'View new content'

  8. G'day mate how ya going?

    How ya new boat goin? been getting out in some of the good weather for a fish?

    A bloke sent me a link to a site for some fishing spots you might like.


    I tried a couple the other day whiting spots

    sisnt get whiting but a got about 10 pinkys which w...

  9. empty ya inbox i think she full.

  10. Finely after 2 1/2 months of getting shafted Ive got the internet at home again BBOOOOYAAA

    1. b_bear


      haha.. now you know nothings gonna get done around the joint.

    2. cameronpatrol


      Hell yeah!!

      Rock on Youporn!!

    3. Nackers
  11. dont ya hate when your fuel gauge shows you have fuel and you run out going to work,DOHH

    1. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      i have heard them all

    2. cameronpatrol


      Hahaha the fuel light didnt even come on, between 1/4 and empty. Wasnt happy ah well started work amd hour late.

  12. Took my daughter fishing tonight, a lesson in rod handling was learnt. she had the sads and walked off with the rod while i coped the hook in the jaw soft plastic and all.lmfao

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      good stuff I love going fishing with my 2 boys

    3. cameronpatrol


      Yeah shes kicked the rod while tieing the hook lol that hurts.

      shes amost got the cast right not to bad for 3 1/2. Winds a lure in like theres no tomorow

    4. badbudgie


      Yeow that's gotta hurt !

  13. A barmy 37.5degrees in the spa watching bathurst drinking beers.

  14. kicking back havin a scotch n dry filleting flatheads,thanks samhunt for a good arvo of fishing

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