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  1. Yeah petty some people have to work lol and a slack Mrs.
  2. I missed out on the aldi ones they were in the catalogue last week or so. sent the Mrs. Down to grab one but all gone. i guess that's the difference living out bush people know what they are and how good they are. i guess I'll keep looking at reviews for the eBay ones and try to take a punt on one. cheers
  3. Hi all just had a flick through eBay etc. theres a fair few trail cams under 100 bucks around. Can some one recommend one that's in that price range. After one that dose NOT use flash and uses IR. Thanks in advance cheers cam
  4. Ok cool cant wait to get out properly and have a crack
  5. Thanks mate i charged them on the 4.2 it did take a good few hours. tried the torch out bush over the weekend bit hard to just distance as there wasn't a open area but I beamed it across the river and up the hill. pretty bloody good. not like I was expecting though. i had the thoughts of it being like a narrow laser beam sort of thing. The center point was sweet and long but it has a big hallow which will be good for lighting up around the area I'm aiming. pretty happy with it overall. keen to get it on the rifle and find an open area or fringe to get onto some furys. cheers
  6. Ok Fair bit off 500 lol 150-200 sounds good enough for me. How long do you get out of the batteries roughly on flat out? or are the specs pretty close for the times? Cheers
  7. Yeah that's what I'm thinking just a marketing bluff. maybe light up a cats eye on the road distance. well I won't be going out to huge ranges that's for sure even in daylight 200 max and a big one is ID plenty of times I know it's a fox but I won't shoot until I see the body and head 100% sure it is what it's meant to be. goin to take it away with the family so see how she's goes. cheers
  8. Thanks a sh!tload for the help I'll wack them on charge on 4.2 Well i havnt really played with yet yet too much, it looks like it should go brighter with a full charge. It came with the extra tube which ill use instead of the single battery setup. Going to take it away this weekend camping so might throw the 22 or 204 in the car just in case there's a few fury critters about. I did look at the next model up but it wanted 3 batteries and outright cost more. they rekon the other one will beam out to 800m, at the end of the day im not going to be shooting out that far and i think the m9 with 500m should be fine. whether they actually go out that far is another story. either way it should be good I hope. Still have a small cree torch thats pretty good I scored for nothing from some web site. Plenty powerfull enough for chasing bunnies with the 22. Thanks again for the help, I'll let you know how the batteries come up. cheers cam
  9. Thanks a lot for the help this is the package i got. http://www.solarforceflashlight-sales.com/categories/ready-to-go-set And this charger is what came in the kit Looks like its the only charger they have Lucky I had a nikon charger to pinch the power cable lol http://www.solarforceflashlight-sales.com/products/solarforce-multi-battery-home-charger-18-c-for-16430rcr123a18650
  10. Ok battery is 3.6v 3400 mAh lithium-ion 12.24Wh s18650p (V4) 18650 brand solarforce color is red and looks like a long c size battery bit thinner though cheers
  11. Thanks guys I'll have a look tonight at the batteries yes they are a lithium something a rather will check tonight and let yas know cheers
  12. the destruction bit of paper dosnt say anything about the charger just basic stuff on the torch. see how it goes.
  13. yeah I probably should try that and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip ol mate. cheers
  14. Gday Got my torch today in the mail looks good. But Im unsure on the charger settings for the batteries I got for the torch, The charger has a switch for 3volts or 4.2volts. The batteries I have are 3.6V So i put it on 3v and the green light just stays on like its showing fully charged I assume. I switched it to 4.2 V and the light go red assuming it means charging. I left it on 4.2v for a while but thought id better google and find info which I cant find. just in case im toasting the batteries. they didnt get hot just the charger got warm. Anyone shine some light would be greatly appreciated Cheers Cam
  15. Looks good mate. my youngest shes 2 loves cammo. and the little critters pack the the other daughter has is too big for her, she still wears it though lol might have to get her one for her birthday
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