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  1. Thank you Geoff, I really appreciate the knife, I will take great care of it! Not only do I appreciate the knife, but your friendship as well, I'm very thankful to have you and the rest of the Aushunt guys that I have hunted with over the last 6 years as mates, there are a few of the boys from this site that have helped me through a sh1t stage in my life, weather it was taking me for a hunt or a clay shoot or just lending an ear, I thank you !!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Dmac


    I thought this was going to be a story about Joel with that heading. Love the knife Geoff, i have always liked the shape of these knives. Well done!
  3. I went to the Gun store in las Vegas today, it was awesome,I got to use a M249 SAW , M4 and a M9 PISTOL :)

    1. cameronpatrol



      hope your getting heaps of pics

    2. Dmac


      Got heaps mate, I will put them up when I get back

    3. cameronpatrol
  4. dmac75 Just went to Basspro store in las Vegas, AWSOME, new boots,new scope for the 17hmr, binos harness case, and lots of little junk stuff :) I'm not gonna make it to cabels :(

    1. cameronpatrol


      dude ya gotta go to cabelas!!!!!!

  5. I thought i would share this, i have bought a couple more of these lights as they are really cheap from this ebay seller. $1.40 for the light and $4.58 for delivery. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Adjustable-Focus-Camping-Hunt-CREE-Q5-Zoom-LED-Head-Lamp-Light-FlashLight-Torch-/120846694189?pt=AU_Sport_Camping_Hiking_Lamps_Torches&hash=item1c2306372d
  6. Gday Cam, i went by the usa size in my nikes when i ordered mine from cabelas, i could have gone half a size bigger, they are wearing in now.
  7. someone from Aushunt sent me a message, i deleted it accidentally, i cant rememeber who it was, so if you see this send it again please

  8. Going to the Springvale SSAA range on Saturday for a plink

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    2. cameronpatrol


      Ah cool what they sting ya to shoot there?

    3. Dmac
    4. cameronpatrol


      Thats a pretty good deal. Might have to go there myself and have a look

  9. just bought my new Model 700™ SPS™ Varmint in 204 topped off with a Nikon Buckmasters® 6-18x40SF

  10. Took my son out for his first rabbit shoot, he had a ball, and the new jack russell pup did a great job.

    1. SamHuntVic


      Got any pictures ?

    2. Dmac


      i do, i will send you one

  11. you bought a pair of boots, can we burn those bloody blundstones of yours. I bet the blundstones will still get a run at the gatta.
  12. i am a size 9 US, i should have gone half a size bigger.
  13. Gday Cam, Irish setter is not a bad brand and a preety good price. http://www.cabelas.c...%3Bcat104841180
  14. is off to do some bunny bustin for the afternoon

  15. Just got back from the Gold coast, back to lovely Melbourne weather. Im ready for a hunt!!

  16. I got one from Bunnings and it was the floor stock not a mark on it, got it for $200 and it was an elctronic keypad, holds 5 guns made by Lane.
  17. gday my name is Doug i live in Mornington Victoria, i have recently purchased a Browning BLR 300wsm and i am looking for someone to go Samber shooting with so if your interested send me a message.
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