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  1. Hey dude it's the detergent in the lense stuff that prevents fogging. Weakens the surface tension of the water apparently so it can't form a film on the glass.
  2. Just checked and those little wipes are discontinued. Bummer.
  3. i got mine out of the $2 bargain box on the gun shop counter.. lol. .. and the link here to the material safety sheet tells you what's in it. http://sport.birchwoodcasey.com/Accessories/AccessoryDetails.aspx?ProductID=17b4a033-2531-4189-9a2c-26e00e62ffa5 6% Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol.. no wonder it remined me of footy training) 4% Propylene Glycol n Butyl Ether (think that might be lighter fluid) 2% Surfactant (detergent) and 88% Water. That's about the same as the home made mixture recommended by Carl Ziess, minus the water. At 12 bucks a tiny bottle, I'm in the wrong business
  4. mate, the Birchwood stuff removed every trace of Inox over spray from my scope glass while all the other stuff I tried just spread it around and left oil slicks. It cleans glass awesomely
  5. Lense pen don't stop fogging. He's already got one of those.
  6. Most lense cleaners are just alcohol mixed with purified water. They won't stop fogging so make sure it's a good brand that says anti-fog on the bottle. The anti-static is good too as it stops dust sticking to the lense and any rain drops will bead right off the glass.Use very light pressure when you rubbing it in and a clean dry tissue (very lght pressure) to wipe it off. When you wipe it off it should feel real slippery under the dry tissue. That's the anti-fog coating. Put a few applications on before you head out and it should be sweet no matter how bad the conditions.
  7. Hey mate, you need an anti-fogging/anti-static spray to clean the lenses before you head out. One I use is Birchwood casey Lense Cleaner. Guns shops sell it.I use it on my scopes and camera lenses for freefall and it stops them fogging and any moisture just beads off. Make sure you buy some proper lense tissue as normal tissue paper will slowly abrade away the lense coatings and cause micro-scratches. Those micro fibre lense cloths come in handy too..
  8. From the animation it appears the P7 put it too shame. I wouldn't have expected that to be the case.
  9. b_bear

    Sharpening A Knife

    I got one of these. http://s-smedical.com/39101.html Easy to carry good for a quick sharpen when you away from home. At home I wrap a piece of 600 grit emery paper around a bit of 4 x 2 and use it as a sharpening block. A few drops of gun oil on the paper and the edge comes up pretty good.
  10. Picked up a ST-3456 from Jaycar today and just tested it in the park.. awesome throw. Thanks for the tip off vicfox.
  11. Only the city cops that use UHF and encrypted comms.. country police use VHF and it's not scrambled.
  12. So is it just a division by 2 of the existing band space?
  13. haha.. if only I had money to burn... Doubt you'd see change from 500 bucks... if they came down to a reasonable price like LEDs did it might be worth the risk just to see if they are any good.. .Had a look at the ND3 package. It comes with 2x mounts that have windage and elevation adjustment and a remote switch for use on the rifle.. but for the price they ask you'd expect a few extras. The metal box looks pretty trick though.
  14. Yeah there's cheap LED torches around these days but I'm not sure many were around when I first bought the T5 in 2006, which despite the abuse is still powering on.. but then I've only been on a hunting forum for a short time and seen a lot of stuff bagged out by people that don't actually own the stuff, used the stuff or seen the stuff in action, so I'll wait to see the new gen of laser torches in action for myself before deciding if they are rubbish or not.
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