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  1. These things have potential. Its just getting them there. The boys have done some good work with their up grades. Its the the 100 pound torch? Impressive footage Paul.
  2. Thats pretty good Paul. How did you go getting a crisp target pitcher? Neither Ian or myself could see it well enough to nail it on the money. Fury edge. Thats why i went extreme. Im not sure what it will look like after the new lens is fitted. I hope its a big improvement. The shots would have all been killers.
  3. Had them for years. I had 2 pair but the missus lost one, somehow. 10x50. I love mine. You need to shop around as the price varies from over $600.00 down to about $200.00
  4. I run a harness on my Carsons, I noticed a bloke last week running both. each to their own. i dont like mine flopping about
  5. Did a firearms course last night and this topic came to light. Apparently. safes in sheds that are a work shops are becoming a concern due to the ease of tools available to cut into them. Prior to doing the renos Tarra made mention of turning a small secure inbuilt cupboard into a in house safe. A brilliant idea considering she is a Pom. (sorry Paul) So i started nutting it out some time ago. Using a lazy Susan I intend to make a rotary gun rack. With her toys in a separate steel safe. The steel safes will be bolted through the floor under the gun rack. Housing some ammo and Tarras toys. Separately. So has any one made a rotary gun rack? Mine will have a round base plate with cut outs for the butts and a top plate with matching holes in it for barrels to go through. Base plate will be 400dia. That will give it a bit of clearance around the base plate. The door is a solid door, weighs a heap. I will ad more heavy duty welded hinges to it. Now the interesting bit. I would like to make a keyed 4 point+ locking system, with a separate set of locks for the door. A central lock and a normal lock Or locks. Does any one have any experience with this type of door. Im happy to copy a normal gun safe locking system. It does not matter how many locking points it has. It can be 8. So if you have any pics of how the multi point lock systems work. can you stick them up please. Once i have made this she might let me put the Pasload in the shed.
  6. The mouth piece should have a slit in it. You bite, it opens. Never had my mounts come apart like that. Are they a quality make?
  7. Seeing how Ipch is burning cash. I might see if i can talk him into getting a Photon NV. Im pretty happy with it so far, in the set up. I can see the air vents in a roof mounted A/C @ 100 yards. I have added a zoom IR light to it, which is adjustable. And i have ordered a doubler for it. For a num nuts like myself, setting the thing up on screen was a breeze. I set the zero to the Lazer bullet last night. Zero needs to be done at 100 yards. So thats a field job ill do on the rice this week. I will get a the recorder for it. It will be interesting to see how it compares with thermal stuff.
  8. Yer well if you YOUNG ####s listened. We wouldn't have to repeat everything
  9. Dish it up boys. I have earned it. Your a long way off getting even yet. Im going to ask Sally to take aa pic of yours Duncs. As for Ian. His shed is bigger than mine and its like a hoarders house in there. Far to many issues popping up with the ATNs for an old bloke. I kept seeing people being told to go back and down load to fix problems. Cant do that in the field. And its pretty bulky. First look through it last night in the yard at dusk was impressive. I can see branches in a tree 100 yards away. With IR light that has a few settings. It didnt really improve it that much. So i have fitted another super IR light to it. Ill give that a run tonight.This light is a Russian thing, I think. Has a zoom adjustment. You can also take movies with this thing. Im not sure ill bother with that. What i like about it is that it is easy to set up. You can zero and swap it to another rifle, taking note of what the numbers are for zero on each rifle. Just dial them in. In day time its just like a normal scope. Field tests are needed to set it up properly.
  10. Trust you bloke. The OTA belongs to Ipch. Bloody glad i didnt do a wide angle shot. But its all plumb mate.
  11. Its a digital Photon 6.5 NV brinny. Day night scope. My first digital nv. See what it looks like tonight. I was looking at an ATN, but after watching the ATN users site i decided against them. If the young wiz kids have problems i would be doomed. Plenty of info on youtube about the photons. I was going to get the doubler for it but decided to try it without. The doubler. doubles the mag. Slips overt the end. One bloke i spoke to is shooting Toads in Darwin @ 70 yards. If its any good. Its cheap @ under a K.
  12. How am i causing the double up on Tappatalk? It tells me there is an error. So i press ok anyway.and end up with 2 off.
  13. . . Guess who owns what Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. . . Guess who owns what Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Duncs i have a heap of the stuff that comes off the taught liner trucks. Reinforced plastic type stuff. I have a few projects in mind. It is capable of doing leather and i need to invent a way to slow it down using an adjustable stop of some sort under the pedal. It works great. Just have to learn its tricks and how to fly it. Been after one for about 5 years. Most are 3 phase. This isnt.
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