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  1. Hi AH

    Ive been trying to make my VIP payment, but every time i try it says to try another method, ive done paypal and visa and it still wont accept it ? Ill take aphoto of the screen next time i try for you if you want!




    1. AusHunter


      Hi Paul,

      did it work?  

      i still need to double check all the paypal settings.



    2. sinbadpaul


      No ive just checked and it is still doing the same.

      No Panic, let me know when you get it sorted and ill pay straight away. Or i can send you my card details if you want mate.

  2. Hi Grant. thanks for the tip mate look forward to sharing some hunting experiences with the guys/gals on here. I think my stalking in the uk may seem a little tame to you guys though. A mate of mine has just come back from aus and brought some of your hunting mags back with him great reading about the different game animals you have over there. sinbadpaul
  3. Hello from lancashire in the uk. I stalk mainly fallow+ muntjac (on an estate in shropshire) also shoot pheasant and duck there as well. Locally and in scotland I stalk roe and red deer. I also keep the fox population down on a few farms near home. I have a 2.5 year old GWP that I use for deer stalking and he doubles up as a top bird dog I reload for all my centre fires I use rifles Browning A bolt (european) in 7mm rem mag Ruger no1v in 6mm rem browning x bolt in .223 rem CZ style in .22lr. shotguns berretta 391 12 g winchester 101 12g webley & scott .410 BA. Sinbadpaul
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