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  1. Hi AH

    Ive been trying to make my VIP payment, but every time i try it says to try another method, ive done paypal and visa and it still wont accept it ? Ill take aphoto of the screen next time i try for you if you want!




    1. AusHunter


      Hi Paul,

      did it work?  

      i still need to double check all the paypal settings.



    2. sinbadpaul


      No ive just checked and it is still doing the same.

      No Panic, let me know when you get it sorted and ill pay straight away. Or i can send you my card details if you want mate.

  2. meet Jonah, one of griffs pups, just after he had opened his eyes at 2 weeks old.
  3. sinbadpaul

    .357 magnum

    looks the job for pigs and dogs mate.
  4. sinbadpaul


  5. sinbadpaul


    I would be right at home in that stuff, LOL
  6. sinbadpaul

    P1010186 (Small)

    really nice leatherwork on the sheaths Gafloss, compliments the blades. Paul
  7. sinbadpaul

    Zach's first

    Well done Zach.
  8. sinbadpaul


    It looks greener than i expected GF.
  9. sinbadpaul

    colins 13 pointer2

    Colins first red stag, and a 13 pointer at that. he really has no idea how lucky he is to have taken a 13p as a first.
  10. sinbadpaul

    ready for finish

    Some really nice blanks/stocks there TT. Paul
  11. sinbadpaul


    Hi Mate. I would swap the 6 point roe buck for that boar. looks like a heavy one. Paul
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