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  1. Agreed. Wow. By the way, how did you come to be looking thru a 6.5K spotting scope.
  2. Big lense, big cheek riser. Does a 4 digit discount mean a 5 digit price ?
  3. 17dave

    New Knife

    Are you saying you haven’t stabbed anyone yet Duncs. ?
  4. Agreed with all above. Beautiful work. Quite a skill you have Rhino
  5. Mick, I bought a pair of 10x40 zeiss binos recently. It was the cheaper end of the range at about $700 but the glass is excellent. If they are anything to go by the spotting scope should be ace.
  6. That’s an ugly blade. I know nothing about knives but a bit about steel. Avoid heat if you can so you don’t change the properties of the steel. having said that though. Given the shape of the blade it’s obviously a knife maker with no self respect so the blade is probably crap steel and not heat hardenable. If this is the case. Shape it with a 5” grinder. Or just bin it.
  7. Happy days Dutchy. Nice work.
  8. Who would have known thermals were so fast ?
  9. Now you’ve put it to some use how do you rate the cannon Hilly . cheers
  10. Cumagutsa, hows the photon working out.
  11. Darren, I'm very interested in a review once you have it. My hmr is screaming out for some owl eyes. Nice going Niteowl.
  12. And to my second question. Are they any good as a walk around varminter ?
  13. Nite Owl, Why photon over ATN x sight. ? And if it wasnt sniping over a bait are they any good. ? Cheers Dave
  14. I am looking at zeiss terra 8x42 for $575 or Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 for $375. Is the $200 worth it.
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