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  1. You could try contacting Australian Deer Association branch of Pumicstone via their Facebook site or even Mary Gympie branch or Brisbane Branch. Can visit their meeting as non member. There is branch and state hunts through out the year plus some branches do mentor hunts for likes of yourself. Yes being Qld will cost for access fee to land owner and fee for any deer shot. Plus as ADA national member you can contact other branches and see if can join in on their activities/hunts. Qld member have attended Victorian branch hunts and then spent rest of week down there as $75 you can buy a licence to hunt a heap of crown land down there There Gold Coast Game Hunters club, do a net search as that's all I know about them as well. Never been meeting or meet a member myself. Glenfiddich Hunting Club is another you could do a net search and near you. Ssaa group called CWM, google up their Qld branch. Will help you develop skills to join in their projects. RIDGE group do a ballot for Red deer each year for March/April See if any of that may suit yourself
  2. Should have a SEQ meet up and put faces to names. Pity not nsw or Vic where could do it is state forest overnight and have a hunt at same time
  3. Check out Rimfire Silhouette matches. Their held on weekends days and midweek after 7pm Will help heaps for hunting situations compared to shooting off a rest and bags
  4. get a 30/06 and use woodie 180gr projectile and not too much in OZ will get to far from you
  5. So you been shooting the Military style comps up there? A few pigs up there now and odd deer with bit of travel
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