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  1. If you want like-minded locals then meet up. Shirehunters Engadine Bowling club Third thursday of each month, 7pm. Generally its club members but feel free to test the waters and if you like it then join!
  2. For me at least almost every hunt I spend sometime with the rifle strapped to pack. Then a head too if I am lucky. Or in stormy weather my rain jacket so I can just grab it easy as when needed. They do come in very hand imo.
  3. Yeah I had read but also have not tried. In the initial setup guide my body suited the frame in long. So figured I'd stick with that. It hurt. Alot. ? Definitelt not sustainable but was a very good test of the pack!
  4. I have not yet carried a load over vast distances. A 1 km hike out so far would be about it. Over that distance and with my daypack standard load it has performed flawlessly. Per the pic previous page in thread with sambar legs stuffed in there, that is the exo 3200 on frame. Front leg, rear leg, straps 50+ kg load in full. The pack is secured with those side incline straps, and if I have the top flap on (can swap it from my 4800) then that helps a bit too. You yank em tight and it stays there. For me there has been no slip, no need for re-adjustment. Remains tight to body and the meat load with pack together really do act as one firmly held unit. The pack certainly hasn't slopped about behind the meat. Unfortunately cannot comment on the 4800 in full multi-night setup then with meat added. However given my own limits, I doubt I would place anymore than a leg and the straps in there if I had to carry more than a few km. If further and where I really wanted all the meat, then I would empty the pack and do a few runs using both the shelf and the bag itself. I can say for sure I will be the limiting factor in performance, not the pack. Have a look at the crib accessory. This turns it into a dedicated hauler. It can be used with bag too, for extra support below. Personal preference on that really - I haven't bought it though I may consider. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAs2VykCwk0
  5. Absolutely loving my exo. The frame stiffness and way it sits is nothing like I had experienced. Except. One downfall I have found thus far. If I drop for a prone shot I must take it off. In prone, lifting my head is restricted as the back of my head hits the frame!!
  6. Well finally got to test out the exo pack in using it to haul. Hunting buddy dropped a sambar in nsw state forest yesterday. A short haul, 'only' 500m and I say that cos we decided to pack half each and do it in one trip... suffice to say despite the pack being incredible, my legs were not ? In so far as a review.. The shelf was easy to load. It held the weight very tight to my back and it loaded my hips directly. There was no weight whatsoever on my shoulders despite what I reckon was pushing 50kg total load. It was stable as could be over my jello legs. Very very happy camper, stoked with its performance. You can see the frame sitting nice and high still and the straps sitting off my shoulders.
  7. Thanks for the write up! I hope it serves well on your tahr trip. Come back to the mountains these next few days and u will get your wet weather test ?
  8. Direct online thier own website. It's noted to be in transit now so hopefully I can post up soon how long it takes, etc. Yes expensive. But for almost the same price as boulder creeks 4800 alone here I got the extra 1800 sized bag too.
  9. I run the HE also. No complaints at all. Fits nice, slim design. Just my 8x42's (magnetic lid) and then wind puffer in its side pouch (no lid - easy access). Daresay you wouldn't fit a rangey in it. I don't use one so no that doesn't bother me.
  10. @Dingo.375 I just ordered the exo 4800 with frame & added the 1800 bag only too (that one for state forest day trips). Shipped priority all up for AUD$1383. So not sure where you got to with ya decisions. But if ya hold tight I should be able to soon shed more light.
  11. Nope but I bought their Horizon 8000 tent (2 man, 3-4 season) two weeks ago for half price. Seems to be a nice bit of gear. Deal is still on. Ended up at $405 for me with the ground mat too.
  12. Thanks @Lightweight some valuable experience there.
  13. These two pics off website say alot to me. Anyhow hopefully I can review sooner rather than later. Nice tight fit with meat on external shelf. Then the big open access to main compartment.
  14. I whole heartedly agree packs are more akin to boots, tents, etc rather than rifles or optics; with regard to lasting a lifetime. Except the external titanium frame of the exos has me thinking perhaps there is some possible exception in such a design. They also carry a lifetime gaurentee on worksmanship. And importantly a 30 day money back gaurentee simply if you are not happy with the fit. Year sure ya lose on postage but thats a pretty good deal, to be able to load up and fit it to check.
  15. Yer I'm a fair tight arse myself to be honest. Only just bought my first tent in a few years cos I'd been arguing that my hootchie was fine for any conditions.. But I wanna kit up now with gear that I know will last me through those bigger walks and not leave me wishing.
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