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  1. Ryda in Sydney have these for $596 atm. If you tell this to Anaconda they check and will match it and give you 10% off. If your a member . Lot cheaper than most shops. I have no affiliation with either I might add. You can join right away btw.
  2. Cheers. Will do. Some others are pretty pricey. I might invest in a couple later on. Some of the 4k stuff Iv'e seen looks great.
  3. Hey all. I grabbed a couple of trail cams from Anaconda that were on sale. They are 4k 32GB ones. Just wondering what would be the best setting for pics and vid. I have set the pics at 5mp like they suggest, and video 1280x720. How does this sound? Any other suggestions. They seemed a good deal . Anyone else using these at present ? Thank you.
  4. Hi all. I'm a hunting newbie, very new. I'm getting into it a bit later in life. Spent most of my time either in the water or on it and have exhausted just about all the challenges that fishing has thrown at me and decided to have a go at hunting. A couple of my friends are keen hunters and were instrumental in getting me involved. I love being in the bush , I trout fish in some nice spots that coincidently hold deer as well so it's a natural transition for me. It's good for fitness, backpack camping is something else I enjoy so it's all a good fit really. Looking to get into the Sambar side of things, lots to learn but I'm enjoying every minute of it. Look forward to talking to other hunters and learning a thing or two hereabouts. Cheers.
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