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  1. welcome, good bunch of like minded fellas here. you should fit right in.
  2. Haha how did I get involved here! And with that sorta shit 🤔
  3. churrr bo- website looks like some interesting articles , will check it out. #### all goin on down here,, thermals and spotlights targetting game animals..... what a in sitbox.
  4. Doesnt seem like a Good idea tp buy an Sell from the US, import would be expensive, freight plus im sure you have everything we have here. ever avilable. cheers
  5. a hunting queen moving to astraya ,....... if yer single an a good shot i have just the safari for you haha ah welcome round the fire
  6. lol, so, are you married also? oh wait, i wont go there
  7. ha ha classic. Dont ever go to Myrtleford then! you'l never shoot another Bambi again! the tahr takes one to amazing places though
  8. Great First Post- Something that doesnt happen too Often, a Bit like myself posting in the Newbies threads! However, with that Attitude , I really hope you find what You are looking for an that Aushunt can be the part of the puzzle you may be missing! Hope some Bow hunters can help you out. All the Best.
  9. Hey dude I just saw the quote of the year thingo on one of your posts, bloody pisser bro. 

    I tried to send you a pm but no good.

    Ive been off Aushunt for ages, it’s good to see your back to  “Whelenlad”.


  10. SAKO Forester L 579.

    I have one which has been rebarrelled with BERGARA Varmint #7 Profile  in .308.

    By no means an expert but seems to do the job for me, happier/est with  Sierra # 2124 135 Grn, also BERGER #30570 168 Grn. Replaced scope recently with HAWKE #16160 Endurance SF 6-18x50, first time side focus, beats the hell out of using objective focus. Met a SAKO collector said L579 collector item but a bit less due BERGARA change, another shooter friend wants me to will it to him he loves using it, mostly on goats at 150 300 yds is good.

    At this time just rec'd COCKING WRENCH as it is a bugger trying to get the assembly back after disassembly, I simply can't. Removed it to check for headspace as a gunsmith in Victoria showed me. The wrench supplied is incorrect so am not winning.

    Anyone listening on tips to get the thing back would be appreciated.  

    1. HDTV


      Gday Tuppo, Try post in the Forum mate I'm sure you will get more traffic than my Profile :)   its all good,


      I'm not too familiar with the Sako l579, I do own a Sako A1 .222 but its not the same...

      good luck fella! sounds like a go-er


  11. Fantastic Offer, I cannot speak for Everyone, but this is why we try make the Effort on the AusHunt members gatherings (yes- not many happen outside of deer hunting in Victoria) but then we have first hand experience with Said member, or are aware of him, if something like this Pops up , it makes it Easier for others to say - Hey, I met XXTimXX at the Varmint shoot/Range day/ Fishing day that last month, I will put my hand up for this offer" etc Same goes when You offer a opportunity like this, You are reaching out to Strangers..... Had you of known 3-4-5- people previously off here, I'm sure they would be the First to get Asked. Just be Careful, people are quick to stab ya in the back , Very quick to exploit your access through their friends .... Most I have met here have been Great, Genuine and only a Couple havnt. ps- may get a better audience in a sub forum or general discussion Good luck, Great offer.. WL
  12. Can't seem to send you a message. 

    1. HDTV


      Allgood mate I have sent you one ay

  13. Cheers AusHunt.com

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