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  1. yeah mate all good. i revisited "how to set up a backpack" and with Sebs help, I walked or had the pack on for 5 hrs an then 4 hours on the way out, feeling good today..... might adjust a few more bits an pieces subtley and see how i go!!! i've got time though
  2. yeah,..... tempting. think im sold tho lol.
  3. bush buck 85 anyone heard about them.......
  4. there is the frame option itself, see many aluminium ones an such last almost a lifetime it seems in alaska, lookin at stone gl an others, they have fairly good frame in them, material is material but you have those bag options, maybe someone will start carrying it in aus , then it may help the pricing an sales would boom.
  5. heard neg things there to be honest.
  6. this end section has sold me so far..
  7. @Camoman im typically the tighter assed type that looks for the , similiar but not quite and wayyyy less $$$..... for example , my highest end scope is a zeiss terra 3-9....... me tent isnt macpac but isnt Target , me guns are not remingtons but they arnt blasers... me backs Phrucked though and i needa proper frame or very sturdy internal an one that does its job down on the hips nd not on the shoulders , im using a black wolf mtn ash 85 at present an its not adjustable small enough perhaps or something about the shoulder straps arnt in the right place i rekon..... an like realistically after a day hunt me shoulders r shagged, i plan on walkin some 100k through the bush and theres no way i see this pack being the one. but fuaaarkme, $1000 for a bag is getting gnarly..... buttt like youve touched on in above posts..... its possibly going to be my most important item bar none....( il wait up a tree with a rope an noose a stag over a wallow if i have to) and feel i might actually need to spend One thousand Dollars... on a ing back pack.
  8. yeh 10-4 on boulder creek , i just seen that but actually wrote it off for American / Canadian ........ the pricing. yeahhhhh shit, ay, i notice alot of aussies buying, are they just dealing with shipping and converstion? makes for a in expensive backpack tho.. tatonka in the $500 range... just wondering how the internal frame is, must be alright, the Duleys do use them
  9. Need help, where is everyone getting there MTN EXO, Stone Glacier, Kuiu Tatonka Bakc Packs from?? is there Aussie distrib? somewhere with Aussie prices? im well and truely in the market for a proper one, @Seb will need your opinions here aswell. on which ones to look at?! (wat was urs again) Do the tatonkas have a sturdy frame? must be internal? whats thoughts on these external lookin ones, kuiu /stone etc ? sing out cheers
  10. would love a pair of 12 or 15s for big country wher the 10s dont cut mustard....... most people are saving the outlay of money on Binoculars, for thermal monoculars,............... Binoculars are for bird watching. thermals are for Sambar stags hunting "Any reason why not to go 10 x 50 ?" Yeah, big end, light gain mean #### all if cant see thru scope, wait in ute extra 10 mins, then stalk, or be sure the rifle carries x50 aswell to utilize what your eyes are seeing in the bino before switchin for a rifle.. x42 if higher end would bring in as much light... 8 x for stalkers, 10x for all rounders and 12-15 for big country bosses.
  11. story of my life. i wear Talons, imported from NZ which were imported from the Serbian army gangster dudes.......... $175 they come in 3 styles, a mesh summer goretex one, a nubuick swuede and a full leather, all "mid length" , i chose nuibuck swede like the stoney creek rusa boots... an i need ankle support as the 7 screws an plate isnt enough i can get these sent to AU for like SFA extra.... in Euro sizes though.. i sent some photos to a lad on FB an if u needed i could post them up here or PM me either on FB or here and i can give you details or take an order.. kind of see em here, a take off of the Lowa Z8s
  12. haha. to be fair though for many years i didnt feel like i was hunting without Camo clothing... like Riding motorbike without Goggles , felt so different, now days the Camo thing has chilled a bit but i almost have to be wearing (fingerless) gloves and have Binoculars round my neck or im not hunting ... so i understand the atmosphere thing for sure. to be succesful you really have to blend in and be apart of it, mind completely on what your doing down to each step , (again to be succesful in stalking) because without being critical and alert as a 'hunter' 'stalking' around for 'prey' then people are literally just armed bush walking and digging really deep into the Luck-Hope Well and will not get the full atmosphere with what 'the hunt' is all about.. its those final moments %75 and %25 the journey to get there in that particular short term since the goal was set out to 'go and hunt a deer'. im itching to camo up an walk around like a bush... big brudda is watching
  13. good one , u reminded me about my mail that turned up, face veil, ann that i owe SHV. hooroo
  14. Jindy, I purchased a EPIRB off that site from NZ and it was shipped across. No problem with Skippers mate.
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