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  1. I like well used knives. Svords are awesome. i want one....mabe two.
  2. Beno

    Honing Steels

    Thanks gents, I use a masterclass whetstone in 400/1000 grit to get the edge right and just the plain ol kitchen steel to form a nice edge. I just dont see the need to spend 80-100 bucks on a steel when i get good results from a cheepie. For the scrub im looking at a lansky or buck pocket sharpener with a spyderco double stuff to get the edge back of needed.
  3. Beno

    Honing Steels

    I've had one or two knife snobs riducule me for using a steel from my missus kitchen knife kit. I have always achieved shaving sharp edges so thought these guys were just being twats. What do you use and why? Is there a preferred field option to keep that edge while cutting meat from successful hunts?
  4. +1 or the old super rugged garmin 60. CSX is not much more in price from memory
  5. i had a walkabout kit until some cultural stole it from my ute. If you go down the path of a 100W bulb expect to get somewhere between 20 min to 1 hour of light from it. They suck the power. I thought about the 50W bulb but never tried it. I suspect it would give out good light to your 200 yard benchmark but can;t be sure.
  6. welcome newbies. Read, learn and contribute.
  7. a fair few of the big rigs up here have them and they sure dazzel me from a loooong way away. I'd like to find out more about that.
  8. nah you can never have too many knives, guns, fishing rods, 4x4s or girls.....
  9. i pefer 2 spreaders and 1 pencil. i have a lot of suicidal wallabys that have caused unnecessary damage to my 4x4. i like the spreaders so i can see a long way off the road on both sides and increase my chances of avoiding a hit or being able to hit them in the sweet spot because i have seen them and changed direction to reduce chances of damage. Beno
  10. Does anyone have an idea how much i could sell my Codan 9323 HF radio for? it has a remote face and is in good working conditoin. Beno
  11. My lightforce spotty has a 30 watt globe and beams out to 120m-ish for about 2 hours. the battery is the same size as a motorcycle battery. It came a a walkabout pack with battery, light, charger and carrypack. A good reflector will compensate for a lower wattage globe. Thats why super cheap needs 1.5 million candle power where as mine needs 300 000 as it is a better reflector. Beno
  12. Hi Gents, What is the red lens on my spotlight for? Is it used for animals that are easily spooked? Beno
  13. Good afternoon gentlemen. My girl just bought me a letherman selway hunting knife for my birthday! She is a rare breed and i'm lucky to have her. I'm moving to katherine and she suggested i buy a new gun safe and a bigger rifle to hunt buff so i don't think there is a better one for me. However i don't know much about knives and was hoping to get some tips on sharpening it so i can shave with it. It has a diamond imbedded tool to use. What do i do to achieve a super sharp blade? Also will i be able to do the same with other knives? Also what is the gut hook for and how is it used? Cheers Beno THis is a wicked knife and i want to use it asap on some pig.
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