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  1. Thanks. Great pill on buff and going to NT in July/August. Have enough for this trip and been trying everywhere trying find more like everyone else.
  2. Any chance have any Woody 416cal 450grs in stock?
  3. Check out ADA Brisbane, usual have meeting on 1st Friday of the even months. The building is right beside ssaa Brisbane Not sure with Covid stuff but believe they have FB page that is active
  4. Gday Ozziegirl, Your close to where I hunt a fair bit. The cold up there amazes me compared to Brisbane winter temps
  5. Interesting comment with the range finding binos as been considering a set when upgrade 8x42 that had for 10years. I know it takes away while others have run separate units items and by time they have the distance I would have taken the shot
  6. The weight of the larger size in hands glassing will be another consideration as much as the size in harness
  7. You could try contacting Australian Deer Association branch of Pumicstone via their Facebook site or even Mary Gympie branch or Brisbane Branch. Can visit their meeting as non member. There is branch and state hunts through out the year plus some branches do mentor hunts for likes of yourself. Yes being Qld will cost for access fee to land owner and fee for any deer shot. Plus as ADA national member you can contact other branches and see if can join in on their activities/hunts. Qld member have attended Victorian branch hunts and then spent rest of week down there as $75 you can buy a licence to hunt a heap of crown land down there There Gold Coast Game Hunters club, do a net search as that's all I know about them as well. Never been meeting or meet a member myself. Glenfiddich Hunting Club is another you could do a net search and near you. Ssaa group called CWM, google up their Qld branch. Will help you develop skills to join in their projects. RIDGE group do a ballot for Red deer each year for March/April See if any of that may suit yourself
  8. Anyone use or tried the Khales Helia RF 42 series in either 8x or 10x? With $US so strong now, the Vortex is same price. Was not game to ask the price at first but person in store did so considering them now Khales in shop feels better in hand, and looking outside with it during business hours the Khales seem bit clearer. In built range finder seems bit of a gadget but going upgrade binos anyhow a few extra $$ won't matter at the time. $2k is asking price.
  9. Every cartridge starts to rainbow after 400m but it is predictable for drop. It is the wind that will catch you more so. Especially in the hills where can vary in strength and direction. Vortex do a reasonable bino with rangefinder inbuilt. Would be $2k with exchange rate if can't get old stock. Built into binos is good as only adds 200grams compared to separate unit. Only had loan for 2 trips and returned them to my mate. Nice but not my thing. I had Loopy handheld for 18months then sold it as everything was sub 300m. Just aim dead on for most shots and rare shot aimed below the backline. Thats when it looked real small with eye so roughly 300m.
  10. Are you new to hunting? You in Australia? as see references a fair bit in your posts about American style hunting. If starting out, using solid greens and dark colours as see the English and Euros hunting in will do as long as in a non shiny material and has no sports wash or colour bright additive when you wash. The animals will see your movement as you will be glowing. If cold a red flanno blends in and if Qld or summer hunting a stripped dark shirt will do If going be hunting likes of deer and goat hang your new clothes on clothes line for week and let the sunlight break down the brightness or colour enhances and then I only wash with pure soap like Lux flakes. Having contrast and no straight lines in your clothing, backpack, rifle,sling or bow and arrows is what aiming for. I only have one set of camo and rarely where it. At start better off spending more on your binos than few hundred dollars on camo. A set of camo gloves and something to contrast face and neck area would spend money on or grow a beard
  11. Should have a SEQ meet up and put faces to names. Pity not nsw or Vic where could do it is state forest overnight and have a hunt at same time
  12. matt75

    Rabbit knife

    Folding Old Timer is what used the most What are you planning to do to the rabbits? Take them for skins only? or meat? Spotlight from vehicle? Walk with spotlight? Daytime hunt them with either rifle or shotty? When use to knock them over with spotlight out of ute would hang them till get couple of pairs. Chopping block on back and meat cleaver. Cut across back and rip off skin in 2 parts. Then cut off 4 socks and head. Cut slit down the gut and cut ribs open and flick out every thing. Break off tail and split open pelvis and remove last of large intestine. Rinse off in bucket water the into ice slurry then repeat. Should be only 1minute per rabbit. Use same cleaver to 1/4 rabbits when bagging out at home. If walking a 3" folder does the job to put small slit to drop out gut bag and intestines. Don't want large hole as grass seed and crap gets into cavity. Hang from belt of hang in tree till walk back same way. Back at ute cleaver and chopping boars again
  13. Check out Rimfire Silhouette matches. Their held on weekends days and midweek after 7pm Will help heaps for hunting situations compared to shooting off a rest and bags
  14. Farmgirl, this mob is down the Gold coast and sells the Satellite Sleaves. Give them a ring and talk to them as an optus shop is a waste of time asking them as no shop stocks them. http://pivotel.com.au/thuraya-plans.php When I was looking this mob was the most helpful apart from that I have no connection with them. I thought I don't need it as I was only needing it during 3-4days away and mounted 4' phone whip to ute and that increased my coverage enough to my phone. The coverage spots I found are in GPS and go there when require phone The 4 local shops I visited I may as well asked for fish and chips. Could not understand if stocked them in the shops them may actual sell them. Sat sleave you should be able to receive calls on your standard mobil phone number so no need for 2nd number and means people do not need to now where you are either. Yes your Telstra and other carriers phone will work in this Optus product. Or you sms a person and then they ring you for cheaper calls especially if its your other half calling as your paying anyway. Just don't use the data service as costly IMHO I believe persons ringing you are not at a premium rate for them to ring and you at not charged to receive. Some Sat phones you can be charged to receive phone calls and sms so check that out in the plans.
  15. get a 30/06 and use woodie 180gr projectile and not too much in OZ will get to far from you
  16. So you been shooting the Military style comps up there? A few pigs up there now and odd deer with bit of travel
  17. Thanks for the links. Got to get more of the rails as going to mount them on every scoped rifle I have. The QL mount I will getting for each torch as well. Walking and torches are very effective to those who are half thinking of trying it. Cuts the fuel bill down by heaps for the night or weekend and help with your general health
  18. Some of the cheaper ones go all right, Budget of $150 should cover torch, mounts, two batteries and charger. Love walking the animals up at night, especially rabbits and hares. Very relaxing. Busting pigs is exciting as well as the smoke from the shot clears and then see the shot was good
  19. Will that work effectively on land or only the ocean?
  20. I found most persons with a topo map and their GPS have trouble using the two together because the number on GPS and Map are different. Set Datum to WGD 84 Co ordinates to UTM Should help to locate yourself easier.
  21. Can't find the map62s on the website. Was that in a catalog sale? Found it in Catalog and they are holding one for me. Better go get it
  22. Don't know ATM but was $300 3years ago. Would have be worn for at least 90 days of hunting in that time. Victoria 2 weeks, NSW 4weeks and QLD the rest. Plus walk the dogs and bushwalking as well so be double that amount without pack and rifle. The sharp edge of the grip is worn of and tending to slip a bit on the hills. Flat country be fine but mostly in the hills when hunting
  23. Where do you buy them from? Last time was online here in Australia but the link from 3 years ago not working now. Google not coming up with anything either. Current pair has had 3 years of abuse and still going. Want to break in another pair as the soles are wearing out quickly now.
  24. Use the H7R for work and recharge once a week with 12V USB outlet in lighter socket in vehicle on the way home work. H14 or h14R looks the go for moblie spotlight rig.
  25. Thanks happy jack. Will get to a decent electronic shop and compare the units as thought the Garmin you would have to able to use an icon only. I use the unit to navigate at night whilst fishing and having an icon marking rockbars is quicker to pick up on than a name waypoint. and considering I use to have up to 20 icons on one river system alone 500 way points would be used up quickly. If on to tighter zoom there is a short time to the underwater hazard before you slow down and use the sounder. I thought the 12volt lead came standard with the gps or is that the lowrance?
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