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  1. Hey Lee, So far I am wrapped with my Irish setters mate. They have been totally water proof over weekend trips, through torrential rain and walking across a creek. Comfortable too. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...&hasJS=true On sale too at the moment. I would say they will last at least 4 years.
  2. I use a Princeton Tec Scuba Diving torch a F me it is awesome!
  3. Hi all Looking at purchasing a pack for some back pack hunting and could use anyone's advice or opinion on the matter. I am tossing up between Hunters element, Eberlestock or Mahkor... does anyone here have one of these if so how do they go? Im looking at 75 liter. Also if anyone knows where to get em cheap that would be great or even if anyone has a second hand one in good nick they don't use.. Kind Regards Shet
  4. I have basically bought my whole Kit from Cabela's and they have been GREAT.... quick postage and great prices.
  5. Yes mate, I had some Timberland hiking boots I wore before that so just went on that size. The Gortex hasn't effected it at all. You can also read the feed back on the Cabela's website and make up your mind from there.
  6. Check out this post, I cant speak highly enough about Irish Setter's mate. http://aushunt.com.au/Forum/index.php?showtopic=12558
  7. Just got these in the mail last week. The boots I got from Cabela's delivered for $235.00AU, a very fair price to pay for something that may last 7 or 8 years! They are Irish Setter Tarmac 10", with 400gram gortex and fully water proof. They are AWESOME! I wore them for the first time on a the weekend for around 6 hours in fairly steep rocky country with showers off and on all day and my feet were bone dry and warm. They gave me much more confidence traversing into steep gully's and did not require any break in. They were also very quiet! I went to a shop on Burnley Street in Richmond called Red Wing Shoes and they want $525 pingers to import a pair! As for the sleeping bag, It stung me $360.00AU delivered.... also a fair price to pay IMO for something I plan to use backpack hunting. I haven't tried it yet but next weekend ill do two nights in it out of Mansfield, not far from Bulla... we shall see how I go. It is made buy The North Face and is called The Blue Kazoo! Here are the specs: Comfort rating -9 degrees Celsius Average weight -1.33 kilograms for Long 1.25 kilograms for regular Shell Ripstop nylon Fill 600-fill goose down Lining Nylon taffeta Fits up to 6 ft. 6 in. Shoulder girth 64 inches Hip girth 60 inches Stuff sack size 8 x 17 inches Shape Mummy Should do me good I think, cant wait to crawl into the bag after a few cans in the crisp mountain air. Bring on the Backpack hunts!!!
  8. Mate get on the Cabelas website and get a Rain Sued jacket with Scent Lok you cant go wrong. Silent, Waterproof, Smell proof and warm. I got one delivered for $135.00 AU when exchange was good.
  9. Hey worm thanks mate, big help as usual. I had a closer look and worked out I had soldered the power in the wrong corner. I fixed that issue turned the TC on and it warmed up and when I walked in front the camera turned on but wouldn't take a photo because i forgot to set time and date, now the up down buttons needed to do this wont work! I fiddled around got frustrated and blew the ####ING thing up!!!!!!!! :angry: So I think looking for new camera now hehe and am confident ill get it spot on this time. Thanks fellas.
  10. Hi guys, Once again need to call on your expertise... I bought a Home brew Trail cam kit from Yeticm and last night did all the right things I think but It just wont work!!! I am desperately wanting to take it with me on Saturday for first hunt at new spot so anyone with some advise can you help me? Here is the problem, I hacked and modded the camera, soldered the wires etc, built the kit as instructed on the manual and when I power it up it does its warm up phase but for some reason just wont take photo's??? It seances movement because the LED lights up when you walk in front of it. I don't think I damaged the circuitry when I soldered it because If I put the camera back the way it was it works as normal. It's as though the camera wont power up when it should?? I am using a Sony W55 kit. Any advice would be great fellas, thanks.
  11. Just reading the Bino' post and last night I ran into a rep who sells Lecia and Swarovski gear among other things like ridgeline stuff etc...to gun shops and he said "Swarovski shits on the lecia Bino's save some money and get a better product. Nothing gives you bolder colour and 15 minutes longer in the day like Swarovski's" And for you Crumpler he said Zeiss was next best... This was after many pots and long conversations about hunting equipment at a pub in far wets Vic.
  12. I bet your itching to get out now Rono... The aggressive sole is what im looking for on next pair, there is nothing worse than slipping while contouring a spur! Nice!
  13. Yeah just found that out and it blows!!.... Ebay it is. :D As for the dollar i think it will go back up and be where it was buy christmas as the "sub-prime mortgage crisis" is only getting worse according to my auntie over there...??
  14. I use Cabela's all the time, there service is fantastic and so far all the gear i have got from them has been top notch!! Im gona get a Nikon Monarch 6x24x50 scope from them once the dollar climbs back up again. :D I recommend looking at the Cabela's Trophy Properties link on their site it gets you licking your lips!!!
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