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  1. Well this post has given me plenty to think about but decission time is drawing very near, i'm back to NZ for a long weekend in November to hunt a similar area we looked at last and Chamios will again be the target. The country is STEEP i mean really steep last time we were there the gps had us only 1.4km's from the hut but we were 3900 feet higher than it at 6900 ft and still 300 feet from the top, weight is everything but taking in all the advice above i think i'll get the swaro's and a separate range finder ( any recomendations?) Whilst our hunting this trip will be a day light affair we are going to put in for the Wapiti ballot next year and the will be more of a dawn/dusk affair in the scrub so the swaro's have won out! Has anyone got any advice on the best place to purchase!! And thanks again to all those that helped with my decission! ian
  2. Thanks for that gryphon! Just interested in what you would do , two units or the combo for the following conditions. The country we hunt in is steep and open for the most part, and when i say say steep i mean really steep! We were only 1.6 km's from our base at the DOC hut at one stage but we we were 1090m higher in altitude. The haul to the top is really HARD work and once there most of the day is spent glassing the nooks and grannies that Chamois like to hide in or looking down into the grassy head basins for Red deer that like to graze peacfully there! Once you have spotted an animal stalking can be time consuming as height is usually neaded to pass some obstical or another and at 6 to 7 thousand feet it takes it's toll! Would you carry separate units? Are the Swaro's going to be worth the extra effort of the combined units in that country! At several thousand dollars i dont want to muck this purchase up ! Cheers Ian
  3. Gryphon I have read where the colour of the leicas rf/ binos is a little bit off compared to other quality bino's , this being due to the rf function, is this the disappointment or were the other issues with the binoculars ian
  4. Having just come back from a few days in Nz hunting Chamios and Red Deer it has become very apparent to me the need for great binoculars and in the case of Chamios a range finder is almost essential as distances across valleys, up and down slopes in the crystal clear air are almost impossible to judge! Now if i'm going to invest a few grand in Binoculars anyway is going the extra step and incorporating a range finder worth it? Or is a separate unit the go? And what is the general consensus of leica binos , are there better out there . At the moment i'm considering the Leica geovid 10 x 42 thoughts? Thanks in advance! Ian
  5. Just getting back into hunting after along break , looking foward to learning plenty here! Ian
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