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  1. What grate little finder they are just sniped the head off a crow with the 222 at 265 yards Fed Br primer sako case 19 1/2 gr 2207 top off with a beautiful 52 gr seria match bt hp He perched their for 3 seconds before he new his head was gone
  2. 388 yards on a telegraph pole 485 yards on a tree top Just a fast chex so far 4PM More then I need with my 222 rem HB with the T36 On top
  3. It claims to take a reading out 1000 mt I will have to Chex it that out But I don't think so
  4. Got one line up for a hour out side the shop to make sure I got one They were all gone when I left the counter muster got the last one 159 $ Have not try it yet
  5. I do not think the one in the booklet is the same as the the older one and I think it cost more How every it dose say up to 1000M Just thinking guys Chris
  6. Hi guys have you had any experience with this ranger finder Good bad or what Thanks Chris
  7. HI guys hope you guy can help me I may be able to help you Thanks Chris
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