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  1. Hey mate! Great units, I've had the 650 for a few years now and very happy with it. I agree, you're paying big money for the genuine maps. There are refurbs going around for cheaper ( I think you ran into just a dodgey dude) but I'm not sure if you buy a refurb if it voids the warranty (on the unit)? I personally use the lite version of the topo maps which is cheaper($89) however has 20m contour lines instead of 10m! (I think! at work so I can't check my unit At the moment )
  2. Heard that they are good for the price! Missed out last time, sending the family in every direction this Saturday to get one !
  3. Someone usually organises an aushunt Dartmouth trip in ~August, maybe a good way to go if your concerned a bit and didn't want to solo it,
  4. Wow, same setup as us! Some people seem to run into issues with the Rhino, I’ve never had any issues with them
  5. Hi All! Love chasing sambar with my free time! Currently shooting 30-06 but would absolutely love to get into bow hunting one day! Have a half breed weimaraner and a pure breed weimaraner that come to duck/quail hunts aswell! Cheers, Dom
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