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  1. Duncs, is this a legal post? Promoting a product - might need a business membership? 😱🤣😉
  2. Either ASAT 3D head/ face cover or hunters element blaze camo face buff.
  3. Hey mate, we'd all like to hear about your hunts and see some photos eh? I love red deer.
  4. thats a ripper - very nice shape.
  5. Yeah, the packs work very well imo. Packed out a couple of fallow now (previous hunting reports). Any boned out meat will tend to slump to the bottom of course but existing straps ensure it doesnt fall out. If worried, can use small type meat bags to pack in tight or perhaps an extra tie down strap. Ive not found it a big issue.
  6. Thats a great deal, thanks for letting everyone know.
  7. Just did some googling - as Duncs said - can be expensive for chopper - depending on the state. Im gonna check my insurance.
  8. I thought it was free too - but ambulance is not usually free, so not sure.
  9. yeah, great advice SS & Duncs, its easy to forget about that bit of important kit that could save your or a friends life one day. I do the check procedure once a year and Ive also registered it.
  10. Yeah, some items too expensive for me too. I've only bought packs and some accessories.
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