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  1. those settings seem to work well with the cheap cameras i use, the better gear can be set higher, play in the back yrad with it and try it out day and night, good luck (((-:
  2. scopes not ideal for looking at game with, i ONCE used a scope to identify something brown, ended up looking at a kid in a brown raincoat@250m...... i have worn blaze orange since that day!!!!, i have a pair of 8x42 steiners and love them, they work well for me (((-;
  3. buy her a matching boning knife (((-; ps happy birthday.
  4. i was chasing fallow down nearish simpson and the next thing i had 40 odd young heifers chasing around me looking for a feed, not ideal stalking for the next 20 minutes, then there was the bloody great big angus bull another time stalking me, ends up it was a neighbour`s pet!!! good luck mate.
  5. i`ve got a garmin extreme 20, it`s awesome, simple and eat AA batteries, and a GME uhf radio, i`d rather have two units than one combined, in case you break it, i had an original garmin for 12 years, it was good, the new one with oz topo maps is all you`d ever need and around $170 now. happy hunting (((-;
  6. 308bever

    My Knife

    nice work there, awesome stuff (((-:
  7. hi all, i`m new to this, i`m into stalking deer and hunting rabbits and foxes, looking forward to reading your stories (((-;
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