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  1. Hi Robbo, I was given your name from Happy Jack. I work for a film production company, FLOOD PROJECTS, and we are urgently looking for a pig hunter for our upcoming feature film, no acting exp necessary. If you are at all interested could you please let me know? My email is natalie.nalesnyik@gmail.com

  2. Wow! Your Dad is a clever man candii. That is an outstanding gun safe, i love the timber interior. The artwork on the front looks great also. If i had a spare 15k id be throwing it your way!
  3. At harvest time a few years back we were doing some contract harvesting for a bloke out near Walgett. So everyone in the paddock is on the same channel and that included 3 header drivers 2 tractor drivers about 3 truckies, the cocky and a few blokes in utes at the time. It was about 10pm and the cocky was talking to one of us when his Mrs calls him and tells him she needs him to come home as she needed to talk to him privately. The cocky replied with "Bugger that, its 18km back to the house, just go over to channel 2 and i'll talk to ya there" (Silly bugger!) As soon as he left our channel, what do you think every truckie, header driver, tractor driver and i did? All went straight to channel 2, one of the truckies said "im going to channel 2 for a minute boys, i'll be back", we all followed. We heard by the sound of his wifes voice that it was nothing serious, she just wanted him to come home and give her a "bit of attention". as soon as they finished talking we turned back to channel 27 as fast as we could incase he tried to call one of us.
  4. Channel 40 is the one to be on if you want a good laugh. Look out when the truckies start their rants about slow drivers and caravans.
  5. Those magnetic bases sound good, i never knew they existed. When i did use the suction caps, they were used on my landcruiser, and as you might know, the roof of a landcruiser has ridges along the top. This makes it hard to find a place to stick them. Those suction caps really need to be mounted on a flat roof.
  6. Yes mate, i make sure im the one with the rifle, not the light.
  7. I use a Lightforce and its great, the one i have is the most powerful Lightforce available, not sure if thats the 240 or not, i can't remember. Anyway, those suction cap roof mounts are a good option to save cutting a hole in your roof, but personally, i hate the things, i can never get the damn thing to stick to the roof, it always falls off mid shoot. Normally i just get another person to stand on the back of the ute and use the spotty manually, thats the way to go i reckon.
  8. Great idea DB, i really like what you have made there, do you mind if i copy it?
  9. Jack, i have a lightforce spotlight with the suction caps and i honestly dont like it. The roof of your vehicle must be completly free of dirt and grime before you attatch it or you might as well not bother, we clean our roof really well before we go spotlighting and the damn thing still comes unstuck. I might have just got a dodgy one because the thing just doesn't stick that well. Its really annoying when you have a big fox or pig in your sights and the light comes off the roof, really handy! I think you should look at other options, but its just my opinion mate, others may have no troubles with them. Good Luck.
  10. Nice blades Jock. I own a couple of pig stickers myself, they arn't as nice as yours and i wouldn't bother taking a photo of them.
  11. Thanks for the replies fella's, i have tried all the things you told me. Still no joy but i will keep trying different things. I think it could be something more seriously wrong with the unit. I might just go and get a new one.
  12. G'day Fella's, Just picked up a new commodore and the UHF that is in it doesn't seem to be working properly. The thing is, i can recieve calls but i cannot make calls, and its not the handpiece because i have already plugged a new one into the box. Its really annoying because people are calling me and i cant respond! Im thinking i just need to press a few buttons to fix it, but i dont know what to press. I have looked at the users manual about 5 times and there is nothing that explains this problem. Can anyone help me? Cheers
  13. Firstly, where we live the CDMA worked really well. We rang telstra when we had to switch to nextG and they said we were in a black spot meaning that we would have limited coverage. They sent us the LG TU550 and it was hopeless even when connected to an ariel! We sent it back and they then sent us a Telstra 165 and it even had good coverage in our house without being connected to an ariel. In my opinion they should have just stayed with CDMA to save all this mucking around.
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