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  1. Im yet to receive the 42mm adapters for my other scopes. Theyre somewhere on or over the ocean. As much as I hate having to move the scope forward its gotta be done with a rig like this. It'd be a pain to shoot otherwise.
  2. So this started when someone mentioned one of these on a fb page, apparently theyre popular in the UK. I went and watched all the youtube vids I could find on it and decided to roll the dice on one. I would usually never think to spend so much with a random seller in china but it was on sale so I thought stuff it. Well I got it at the start of this week and after reading the manual of how to use it went ahead and tested it out. I've only ever used one other NV device some years ago that a mate bought cheaply and it was near useless. This however I do not feel dissapointed with at all. There is some minor issues though...the manual is poorly translated into english, the buttons are quite noisy, and the scope you use will need to have a parallax adjustment for longer distances. I made the mistake of ordering the 42mm scope adapter so i could only use it on my .22mag for now. I have ordered a 45mm to use with my vortex scope which does have parallax so I'll add a video for it in this thread when it arrives. From footage Ive seen this unit does benefit from an external IR emitter. I used mine with the internal emitter last night through a cheap scope without parallax and at 100m or so the image was quite clear but the crosshairs would blur out so parallax adjustment is a must I guess. There is a vid on youtube of someone using this unit and a dragonfly emitter...whaterver that is... and at 280yrds you can clearly see 2 foxes in a field. So thats next I guess. A larger IR emitter and Ill post how it goes. Anyway I got this off Ali Express from a store called Outdoorsfoot hunting gear ltd. Here a link too. Seems they have 10% off atm too. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/PARD-NV007-Digital-Night-Vision-Hunting-Optics-with-Wifi-APP-200M-Range-NV-Scope-850nm-IR/214367_32861522305.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.2.4b5534c9iMqq72 Link to my youtbe video I took the other day:
  3. I got an nv007 the other day. First time Ive ever used anything NV so I cant compare to others but I have to say Im very impressed with it.
  4. No. Ive got 3x of the aldi ones that are all I need for now. If ones does go missing these would be on my shopping list.
  5. I came across these on my fav chinese junk site. The first 2 look identical to the TC's available from Aldi. They come in 850nm or 950. There's also another one that is marked down even more. Ive got a few of the aldi ones which are great value but I cant comment about the other. Links: http://www.gearbest.com/ip-cameras/pp_424436.html http://www.gearbest.com/ip-cameras/pp_424435.html http://www.gearbest.com/ip-cameras/pp_424437.html Cheers
  6. I managed to drop my 10x25 swaros on the floor one day and one of the fold out eye peices went all loosey goosey on me. I went the diy option as I try with damn near everything and ended up wrecking the screw head on the hinge. I shamefully took it to the local gunshop and even admitted I dropped them. No probs there. Six weeks later they arrived all fixed up with a free swaro cap to boot all free charge. I couldnt be happier with their servive.
  7. Old lumber mill bandsaw blades and the old circilar lumber mill saws are the go for cheap steel. The new saws use tipped blades to do the cutting and the rest of it is rubbish. Better off buying one of the cheaper steels from gameco.com.au and make a blade that will work for you instead of wasting your time. Old saws like youve got are good for making blanks if you like a shape and want to make more.
  8. I watched that recently, made me laugh that it comes with a rain cover. I like the way the top closes though.
  9. Ive got the moroka30 75L mk2 version backpack. Its really comfy on the back and has more pockets than you can poke a stick at. The mk3 version can also convert to a day bag which is another great feature. The zips are of high quality and the fabric is tough. Im planning on a few trips this year too, just ordered an exped downmat 9 from fruugo. Some great prices on that site, we get shafted buying good gear locally.
  10. Who me...yep. Have smiled upon one for over a years use
  11. The s4 have proper shoulder straps, theyre just not padded. Im guessing they designed them like that to not interfere if you used them with a backpack.The only elestic on them is between the forward part of the shoulder strap to where it meets the bino holder.
  12. Haha. Only reason I use one is to keep moisture off the lenses and ready to use. I bet you spend half your hunting day cleaning your lenses in the wet, I know I used to.
  13. I had the standard elastic and guide gear harness but the s4 is superior. Just buy it.
  14. Ive got one of these Edge Pro knockoffs. It does the job for an established edge but I've been wanting other grits for it and just stumbled on this thread with a link to a company that does a range of different grits. Think this will be my goto sharpener. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Knife-Sharpener-Sharpening-System-Professional-Kitchen-Tool-With-Stones-AU-/231527396962?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item35e81bb662 Thread with info: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1868535 Stones seller: https://www.congresstools.com/catalog/categories/get-category/id/72
  15. Google is your friend https://www.abbeyarchery.com.au/p/S4SG00314/S4+Gear+LockDown+X+Optics+Deployment+System,+camo.html
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