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  1. Fortunately, I think most of us with experience are, but give a though to the newbies and youngsters that are are just starting out in the sport. Cheers, C
  2. Have to agree VW. However, a lot of people do find first contact with someone a little daunting, ... whether it be online or face to face. Cheers, C
  3. G'day Bazz, welcome aboard. Another lost Kiwi, eh bruv ? First thing you've gotta learn is the Gold Coast is in Queensland, ... not NSW ! Cheers, C
  4. G'day Steve,Just finished reading you posts on 4umer about your recent cattle muster. Looks like you could use a few scrub bull hunters over there. Welcome aboard. C
  5. Hi Fellow Hunters, I'm a 76 year old, retired to the Gold Coast, and have been a hunter, shooter and trapper since I was in short pants. I'm still wearing short pants, but it's now because of the great weather ! Currently I'm chasing fallow deer on the Darling Downs with a 7mm-08 and loving it. Coily
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