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  1. If you are looking to promote your business or products to the Australian Hunting and Shooting community then AusHunt can help you. We offer a Business Membership which gives you permission to post your ads in this Forum and our Facebook group. Check out the Business Membership now. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to advertise your business, club, organisation, products or website then you need to be a Business Member. Warning: Any member found advertising without permission or spamming members via PM will be banned from the forum or our Facebook group. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please send me a Private Message or contact us if you need more information on promoting your Business or products in the Forum, on Facebook, AusHunt or the Australian Hunting and Shooting Business Directory Thanks for your support and we look forward to helping you promote your business to the Australian hunting community. Aushunter
  2. back in the hot seat for a while

  3. Winter hunting is here!

  4. few more hunts before the end of the year

  5. new comps added, check em out

  6. Back in the hot seat!

  7. Another emag done! stay tuned...

  8. new classifieds taking shape

  9. Forum upgrade done!

  10. working on the next emag!

  11. working on the next emag!

  12. Support Aus-Hunters today at 12pm

  13. Getting ready for tomorrow Aus-hunters Day!

  14. Supporting Australian Hunters

  15. getting close... emag is coming

  16. Back in the hot seat

    1. HDTV


      deleten those cookies an stuff helped. cheers

  17. December emag coming up..

  18. working on the next emag

  19. Finally a day off to go hunting!!

  20. working on the next emag

    1. AusHunter


      finishing touches..

  21. emag is out !

    1. Hoss


      Have down loaded the Emag and what a great read.Thank you all

    2. crunchy


      where is the facebook like button??

    3. crunchy


      where is the facebook like button??

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