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  1. Thanks for your reply fellas.

    Yes, I do like the look of the crooked horn harness.

    I will chase up those links that you forwarded me, and hopefully the missus can buy me one for me for Xmas.

    Prevoiusly, I have carried my bino's in a pouch along my chest that I have sewn into my shirt.

    Works pretty well, but I think the harness would be better.

    Thanks again fellas.

  2. G'day fellow ACT hunters,

    I thought I would add a comment.

    I too are currently living in the Nations Capital.

    I hunt all kinds of feral critters;both locally and interstate; however, I mainly like to hunt Sambar and fallow.

    I am also heavily involved in Spear fishing.

    I also have a Nissan patrol 3 litre turbo diesel, thats drives me to my hunting destinations.

    All the best.

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