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  1. G'Day.....From Texas

    I hunt and fish in the state of Texas in the U.S. and was curious about what hunting was like in Australia; and looking forward to visiting and hopefully hunting down under some day.

    Depends where you want to hunt in aus. Up north they have the scrub bulls, buffalo, pigs, donkeys etc. down south we have all the deer. Mid way down there are a lot of pigs, goats and in places deer too. It's a good country mate, you'd love hunting here!


  2. I find that at different times of the year they are interested in different things.
    On many occasions when we've seen foxes either in the bush or light we've often had to try tenterfield, scotch, button and mouse squeak before we've got their interest.
    I'm sure there is a pattern I just haven't bothered trying to figure out what works best when...although scotch does work best I find early jan-late feb when the young leveret's are on the ground, even call up the odd adult hare.

  3. Howdy,

    I am 40 years old and been hunting for most of my life. Started out chasing bunnies with my dad, when a young lad and have gone on from there. Hunted rabbits, foxes and goats mainly but have started hunting deer in the last 5 years or so ( mainly Sambar and Fallow ). I aspire to hunt in New Zealand in the not to distant future for Red Deer and If at all possible Wapiti. My dream place to hunt would be Fiordland in NZ.



    You might find it hard to get a wapiti these days mate, they call them fiordland deer in NZ now because they're all blatantly hybrid

  4. Gday all,
    I'm 22 and have been hunting my whole life. Mostly a deer hunter but do a bit of duck and quail shooting as well as chasing a few foxes with the bow and running dogs. Hunt with bow and rifle - couldnt live without either. Looking forward to chatting to other hunters and getting to know a few lads.



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