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  1. On 27/07/2020 at 1:52 PM, samburstalker said:

    I recently went with moroka30 45L pack. Ouch at the time for pricing but then I weigh up the kg's in meat. Then go to supermarket and look at the pricing. 2 or 3 deer taken home and its paid off in the price I would have spent at the super market and I still got a back pac.

    A good back pac is a wise investment that hurts at the start with the dollaroos but a sound investment for years to come

    Love to hear the outcome and feedback as i can see what a good pack can do now and only imagine what a even better pack will do

    I thought about them, had a mate have two buckles break in the first six months. And they don't have an external meat shelf. Some don't  that but I hate washing stinking blood out of my packs.

  2. I want a SG 40/56 but it's over $1200 with conversion, shipping and tax. 

    Thought about MR metcalf but they are about the same money now and made in Asia.

    I'm mostly a meat hunter and want something with an external meat carrier. Most don't have that ability.

    The buy once, cry once mentality is great for rifles, scopes, binos etc. But an expensive pack still isn't going to last a lifetime.

  3. 18 hours ago, erik said:


    Im original from Vancouver, Canada. Back home I spent a lot of time focusing on Deer/Bear and Duck hunting. Im waiting to get my Permanent Residency so I can get back into hunting. Joined the group to hopefully learn as much as I can before picking up the rife again!  


    Cheers Erik 

    Being Vancouver I'd have thought you'd be spending more time on cougar's. 

    Welcome aboard, be interested to hear about some of your hunts back home. Canada is high on my list of places to go. Almost did once, got access to hunt on a property in Manitoba until the game department informed me that even with permission to hunt on private land I wouldn't be able to without a guide. Go figure! 

  4. 2 hours ago, Brookladdie said:

    Hello All

    Love to hunt with rifle, shotgun and rod.

    Working class lad from the North of England.

    Hunt mainly in Scotland. Have hunted in the Northern Territories.

    Got my McNab in the NT.

    Big boar with the rifle.

    Brace of Magpie geese with the shotgun.

    Barramundi with the rod.

    And a good taste in whisky I surmise. 

    Hunted Scotland once myself for roe buck, didn't manage to take one but is certainly a beautiful place. 


  5. 2 hours ago, BoCo said:



    I hail from the Republic of Texas, took my first deer at 9, sparking my passion for the outdoors. Since then i've hunted in europe, when i lived there for work, earning the coveted German Jagdschein. Lately, i've hunted out in the Western part of US chasing Elk, Mule deer, Oryx, and Auodad. With the rise in popularity of hunting out west, the cost of applying to the various states, has gotten my hunting partner and i looking international. I  come here hoping to learn more about the aussie public land, rules, culture, make contacts, and ideally do an 'exchange' hunt - show us the ropes of hunting down under, and the same or next year we'll do a group hunt on US public land. This coming fall - aussie spring - we are applying for Wyoming general elk, Arizona mule deer, New Mexico Elk/Oryx/Auodad/White tail. This sounds like alot of hunting but with each states unique application system, we'll likely pull the Wyoming tags, and one New Mexico tag. 


    This past year we had tags for idaho elk, a bison tag on tribal indian land,  and NM Orxy and Auodad tags.

    G'day mate,

    Welcome to the site, Victoria is your best bet for diy hunting. For about $60 USD you can get a non resident license for deer, duck and quail. 

    Prior to checking this forum just now I was looking at options for hunting aoudad next year, wondering if I can combine it with a whitetail hunt. Building points in WY myself but not ready to burn them yet. 

    Those oryx tags in NM are hard to draw, love to hear about that and other hunts you have done. 

    Happy to offer advice or lend a hand if need be over here anyway mate.


    P.s. just finished reading Empire of the summer moon and currently reading Blood and Thunder. You texas boys are another breed of Americans altogether that's for sure! 

  6. I use a black wolf titanium 35l, little bit more expensive ($100) but has lasted me years. Black wolf have a good warranty too. I use mine for hunting and holidaying, mostly hunting though. The rigid frame is handy too along with the air mesh. It doesn't sit up against your back so you get good airflow. The frame also allows you to use the pack as a gun rest. Shot the fallow buck I posted a few weeks back at 140m by resting on the top of the pack in long grass that a bipod wouldn't have elevated you above.

    I'm currently in the market for a new multi day pack so in the meantime I've used this for everything up to a three day hunt. You learn to pack light! 

    Edit: anzac reminded me to mention, mine has a blaze orange rain cover. 

  7. I've had many types of hunting gear, some of my ridgeline fell apart over time, but my drab brown jumper is still hanging in there 8 years later. Shot some of my best deer with that on. 

    I won some braken gear once, that fell apart very quickly. I still have it but personally wouldn't spend money on it. 

    Dont hate my stoney creek or moroka but don't love it. 

    My best gear is my Swazi, only got a couple pieces but haven't got a complaint after about 4 years. 

  8. 31 minutes ago, NO1GUN said:

    Gday from Darwin

    interested to know if there are many other people out there in the NT area in walking and stalking the pigs and buff.


    cheers ?

    Welcome mate, There's a handful of you lucky buggers from up north here. Chuck some stories and pics up in the hunting section.

  9. Hi.
    41 and keen to hunt, I have 270acres with plenty of wild goat and want to learn the art of skinning for fur rugs and butchering for meat.
    Cheers, Darren

    No worries, let me know where you are and I'll pop out and shoot a few of those goats to show you how it's all done! Haha

    I kid, but welcome any questions pop em in the forum plenty of helpful people around. I'm passionate about meat hunting and utilising animals we kill.

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  10. I think for the price of moroka you're far better off going mystery ranch or kifaru. My mate has one, likes it but has had trouble with things breaking a few times. My brother runs a markhor and loves it, they're a French brand and don't get the exposure they deserve in Aus or the US. Tenzing are another solid brand.


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  11. Yip... The current situation is becoming emotionally charged and international hunting is down with over 40% in some areas. Farmers are already scaling down and many looking at alternatives with the threat of new laws being proposed... We are looking (as family) to immigrate and appreciate all the input in order to make informed decisions... Thx again for the feedback [emoji482]


    It sure will be a shame to see South Africa go the way of other African countries. One day I'll do a hunt in Africa, probably wouldn't have been SA as I love free tange hunting but definitely not now, the list of places is just getting smaller.


    I think it's the pendulum swinging to the other extreme, australia feels like it's heading the same way sometimes. We're becoming very much a leftist nanny state. All the best mate I hope you can get your family out safe.


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  12. I'm a professional hunter from South Africa... Been hunting professionally for past 8 years... Wanting to get into the hunting industry in Australia... Roo hunting, vermin control, professional hunting (guiding clients), etc... Any advise would be appreciated [emoji3]
    Australia is not like SA in that the vast majority of people hunt diy in Australia.

    Mind you I can imagine SA isn't probably the place you want to stay with new laws being passed.

    I'd either look at working for a guide in new Zealand or if you come to Australia, consider something else.

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  13. I have a Moroka 30 45+15 stalker pack, comfy and can carry the weight really well, i've done 3 days out of it once and it was no worries, also packs down to use as a day pack as well.

    I would but they're a bit out of my price range, nearly $650 for a 45 litre pack is a rich man's game!


    Especially with two mortgages and a kid on the way!


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  14. Perhaps let us know what you are currently using?

    My pack is probably a downgrade from yours but I'll mention it anyway lol.

    Wilderness equipment breakout. Canvas, heavy duty, good support and most importantly, fits my body well.

    I guess you just have to try them on, weighted. It's the only real way to know I reckon.

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    Got a couple of black wolf's, a 75 and a 35. The 75 is just really not comfortable to use. MY last backpack hunt I just used the small one and lived real light for a few days.

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