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Found 1 result

  1. I've been doing a lot of searching on the net for the different types of packs you can get. I normally use a cambelbak unit that has sort of a backpack on it as well, but I am looking for something a little larger, and without the 3M reflective stuff thats a dead give-away. I know the badlands gear is very good, and I've seen lots of other brands that appear to be top notch. There are 2 issues that I have though. Firstly, I get very hot while I'm hunting and there needs to be decent air circulation/ventilation around my back to keep me cool and comfortable. The bandlands gear has a hyper-vent series which looks perfect and creates the space I need. Lots of other brands have foam padding with channels etc which I guess would work ok as well, but my Camelbak has that and it's not the best. The second issue that I have is that I don't go on 3 or 4 day long hunts. I do a lot of day hunts starting in the morning, walking most of the day and then coming back to camp, or heading back to camp for lunch then head out again. A lot of the packs with the good features seem to be pretty big, probably too big for what I need. I want to make sure that I can still move around in the bush more or less the same, and not have to think about a massiave pack and how I am going to get inbetween trees and bushes and scrub etc. The gear I need to carry is basically water and light food for the trip, first aid kit, ammunition, gps etc. I need space in there to take off a jumper/vest.jacket as the day warms up too. Question is, do I look for a smaller pack that has ok features and is the ideal size of my hunting style, or do I look at the larger type packs with the best features and just deal with the fact that it's a little bigger than what I want. The Badlands Diablo seems to be their smallest offering with the hypervent: http://badlandspacks...ks_Hypervent08. It runs in at just under 2000ci, where the Camelbak Blowfish that I have is a 1200ci. Love to hear your thoughts or suggestions on other packs; experiences with different gear, what to look for what to aviod etc. Cheers, Jase
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