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  1. I'm not sure. Part of me wants a .22 Hornet, part of me wants a .204 Ruger, part of me wants a Savage .17HMR with the nifty laminated thumbhole stock, and yet another part of me wants a .243 - but I'm thinking the .17HMR and .204 Ruger are the most realistic options. I doubt I'll be after anything larger than cats any time soon, so those two should suffice. Who knows... I might just continue to expand my collection of .22's
  2. Hi, I'm Finch. I have a small collection of .22 rifles, and pending access to more properties and actually seeing some vermin to shoot, I'm looking at expanding the collection to include something a little more noisy. I spent a lot of time on a farm as a little tacker, and fifteen years later I'm starting to get back in to the shooting arts. I'm yet to have a successful hunt with my new rifles - where have all the rabbits gone? They're not where I've been looking! I'll probably spend far more time lurking than posting.
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