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  1. 6 hours ago, PWE76 said:

    Hope someone with a Garmin 750 rino can help me

    The GPS signal keeps on dropping out. 

    Is there a setting I need to change?


    No settings im aware of,  if still got warranties maybe send it back.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Dave9.3x62 said:

    I thought it was free too - but ambulance is not usually free, so not sure.

    In vic, we can purchase ambo cover. About $50 for single or $100 for family a year.

    Cheap insurance if shit does go down hill out bush or anywhere

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  3. 1 hour ago, Josan said:

    Hi there, I'm from The Netherlands, 59, and have been a competative air rifle shooter for many year. Since a couple of years i've become interested in hunting and have done a fair amount of CF and shotgun shooting. A couple of years ago i was on a deer hunt in NZ and it sparked my interest in the great outdoors hunting experience. As soon as this covid thing allows relaxed travelling i intend on visiting VIC and SA and maybe do some shooting. In preparation i will be scanning this forum so i can get a feeling with the Oz shooting and hunting world. Always interested in meeting people and learning things.

    Keep an eye on the wonnangatta hunt, normally held in may.  You could be the 2nd bloke from overseas to attend.


    Search "wonnangatta 2017",  "wonnangatta 2019" etc to check out the threads

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  4. In vic we have "more to explore" have to head to the hunting section, That shows where you can hunt.


    I've got the 650, thought that was a great unit and had it for 8? Years. Upgraded to the 750, way better unit but has faults, ie freezers, 1 day battery life,  I believe you can have a subscription service called "birds eye" which is Google earth?. Haven't tried it so can't tell you if clarity is good. 750 can bluetooth to phone, great if hunting in phone reception because that picks up a weather channel and shows rain coming on gps, a bit poxy but alright.

    I find rino and topo maps is a brilliant combo

    As having uhf/GPS in one unit argument, when it fails you lose both,  bloody hell carry another one, like you would if you had a single uhf and single gps.

    As Duncs said avenza maps on phone is good

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  5. On 31/03/2021 at 8:15 AM, Dave9.3x62 said:

    Ive not much experience backpack hunting either. I just bought a Kuiu pro 6000. Did an overnighter last week, packed out a boned out fallow doe - very happy with the pack. Load carrier work very well, very secure. Might have to do a hunt report soon.




    Have you used this pack again, Any photos how the meat sat?



  6. I recently went with moroka30 45L pack. Ouch at the time for pricing but then I weigh up the kg's in meat. Then go to supermarket and look at the pricing. 2 or 3 deer taken home and its paid off in the price I would have spent at the super market and I still got a back pac.

    A good back pac is a wise investment that hurts at the start with the dollaroos but a sound investment for years to come

    Love to hear the outcome and feedback as i can see what a good pack can do now and only imagine what a even better pack will do

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  7. 8 hours ago, ozrider81 said:

    you might wanna shave them legs make you a little more stealthy, less crash bash 

    Yeah Nah, leg hairs/arm hairs are important, they trap heat from your body escaping and a great silencing device walking through scrub, they also dont trap water against skin, I also hate the weight and lack of movement wet clothes brings. How I hunt I find wearing less the better and it doesn't seem to effect the outcome of deer in the freezer

  8. Not a specific hunting boot, but I wander around the bush wearing these. Bloody comfy straight out of the box. Light, water proof. I get about a year out of them. Everyday use. Seems that heavy building mud on jobs sites the zip doesnt like it. Magnum also make other styles with different "grip".

    I could wear these 7 days straight deer hunting, knowing my feet wont suffer1c195b977e5e984054d599841b5b8cb0.jpg

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  9. Been researching online today, bloody hard to find a bag if your over 2m tall. 

    Exped make a bag for us tall people upto 2.1m, exped comfort -10, down bag and weighs in just under 1.6kg. Comes at just under $600 roonies.

    Looking into it Rated at -5c, -10c, and -17c something like that

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