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  1. Yes I've since done a search through the forums and found a number of times this issue has arisen and noted your comments...all very good. Being a newbie to forums I didn't think to do a search before I raised this....will know better next time I think you're right and that's precisely what I think I'll have to do. I'll have to stop being such a cheapskate and do what makes the most sense. As a mate of mine says "The poor man pays twice!", once for the cheap item and then again for what he should have bought the first time after his first purchase let him down.
  2. thanks mate I will do some investigating
  3. good point. for me I'm trying balance being too cold when I go to chase Tahr in Nov in the Sth Island NZ (though it shouldn't be too bad then for the most part but it can change in minutes at times)and too hot when hunting pigs in North Queensland I'll certainly keep that analogy in mind. Meindl and Irish Setter seem to the pick of the boots so far Cheers
  4. Thanks guys. Feedback and advice has been much appreciated.
  5. I do like those Irish Setter boots, but it looks like I'going to have to keep on researching. Hard thing is that Townsville have buggar all range so I'll have to order in. I'll also be sure to check out the Meindl and Bates further also. Thanks guys
  6. Yeah I have looked at the Cabela's site and there are a lot to choose from. I remember handling (not wearing) a set of Irish Setters and I was impressed with how light that particular set were, but if Mendle are better then I'll go that way. I'm just not sure if I should get a pair of 200-400 gram insulated or non insulated. Yes Gryphon there will be a number of creek crossings I'm told to around knee deep and I doubt any shoes will keep my feet 100% dry. Good ankle support is key, so too a pair that won't be too hot trekking around North Queensland. I can't justify spending hundreds on a pair of boots I only wear once. I'll get back on cabela's and check out their range.
  7. I currently have a pair of Hi-Tec boots that I wear hunting in NQ and I'm happy enough with them. In Nov this year I'm of to NZ to hunt Tahr with a mate of mine over there. Apparently the terrain is really hard on boots and my mate who also had a pair said they won't stand the conditions. Can anyone suggest a good ruggered but comfortable boot that will keep my tootsies warm but not cook them when I return to NQ. Any suggestions appreciated.
  8. Its good to be here. I'm just a casual hunter who enjoys his time in the bush. This is truly Gods own country. In addition to shooting feral pests I also enjoy reloading and I'm always interested in hearing from others and learning as much as I can. Chris
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