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  1. Just wondering what spotting scopes people are using ,thinking of buying one mid range price
  2. Hi guys think I have found a solution to the problem. as stated the problem is the gas inside the scope gets to cold so need to keep scope a bit warmer ... I have a neoprene scope cover in camo finish so I am going to cut both ends out of it and simple slide a bag of that hand warmer satchel stuff inside cover which should keep scope at a warmer temperature and stop fogging will also put one in bino case hopefully this works and solves a annoying problem will post results after next weekend
  3. Just after some info before i head away next weekend , Having trouble with my bino's and scope fogging up making them impossible to use unless i wipe them all the time. Is there a easy fix was thinking of trying the stuff you use on the inside of your car windows. any help would be good as would hate to miss a stag because i cant see through them ..
  4. welcome onthestalk finally joined you might remember some stuff that you read on the forums and remind me what they are
  5. not sure what size you need but I have a ridgeline mallard size xl that I have worn once and found it great in wet weather lost some weight and now does not fit me will be buying the same but in smaller size great wet weather jacket $80 + postage
  6. Hi all, i'm from Bendigo vic looking for some propertys around here to hunt rabbits and foxes. Just got my remmington 700 in.270 and wanting to hunt deer. If anyone is interested in joining me just drop a line and say hi. also any info on some general location for deer would be great
  7. Hi i'm Dave from Bendigo I own two guns a .22 lr and a 12 g under and over do a bit of rabbit shooting finding it hard to get places to go . want to buy higher powered rifle for foxxes and would like to try gaots and pigs but unsure of what calibre to buy and where to start hunting , any advice greatly appreciated
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