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  1. If I were u I would try a suction cup roof mount system as I use one on my work ute as the boss doesnt want a hole in the roof and this system works fine.I havent had any trouble but u have to watch the speed at which u drive as wind pressure can sometimes loosen the grip i stay under 40km an hour between paddocks and it works fine.If u are keeping your vechile then put a hole in the roof but remember unless another shooter buys it u will lose a bit of resale value later on it. Cheers Harehunter
  2. Howdy all I live in the barossa valley sa so good to some other croweaters on here.I mainly target hares rabbits and foxes around the vineyards and stubble paddocks i have two young boys who love spotlighting and punching holes in targets. Cheers Harehunter
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