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  1. Holding a piece of Realtree Xtra next to Multicam and it's very similar colour choice and arrangement....
  2. Yeah that's what got me thinking. I was seeing posts here about the usable distance on the rangefinders, and thought, why not use a reticle? You can get those ones that have a diagonal line in them, set for 1.5m, and where your object fills the 1.5m space, the tick marks correspond with the distance. No maths involved.
  3. Does anyone use binoculars with a reticle for long distance range finding? Eg, say a deer is on average 2m tall, using the markings on the glass, would you line up the 2m marking with the deer and estimate the deer is x distance away? Or do you just use electronics? I don't trust electronics. Can't the shot distance between 4 and 500m be something like 40cm?
  4. I don't buy cheap Chinese stuff for anything but around the house. It's like wearing pluggers and stubbies to buy the groceries. It can be done, but what would the neighbours think?
  5. I really want a bowie for creating a wild west atmosphere, make camping more than just sleeping in the mud, hiking more than a hard walk from a to b, but that knife is too expensive for me. Great knife that. You can get guns cheaper though... I have a Svord Peasant that I use for playing ye olde campfire though.
  6. It's not bad. If you're ever looking for a knife with character, not just a knife, this one does it.
  7. The Kabar potbelly. This is a big heavy knife. You can chop trees down with it. You can cleave bones in half with it. There is nothing it can't do for around the camp. Pair it with some kind of machete (for matching aesthetics I got the Kabar Parangatang) and you have all bases covered. The Parangatang can be an axe if you like. For an axe I like the Gerber Gator Pro, which is a copy of a Woodsmans Pal. It's also a machete though. It gets even better. The potbelly comes with a piggyback knife in the sheath. It's a perfect skinner/caper. The sheath is awesome and has a huge pouch on it. I just stick a blastmatch in there, but it has lots of room. I carry a DMT mini-sharp on a keyring. I am really happy with this knife. There's a video on YouTube of some guy breaking it in half. I guess if you don't split wood and hit knots you're not gonna torque it and cause it to break. I am really happy with this knife. Much happier than if I got an Esee 4 or Ontario RAT 5. It just has that vibe that belongs in the forest with a beard.
  8. Seriously though, this deer, perfect symmetry six points on each side, 12pt deer. Looked like something out of a drawing, it was that perfect. The kind of wall mount that would go in a magazine advertisement for some hunting related product.
  9. I think it was an escaped pet. When aware of me it had no fear. It was well fed and all. It didn't make sense to me either. I thought it was gonna attack me but it didn't.
  10. I'm not new to hunting, but I wouldn't say I had advanced knowledge of it. I have been able to close to within two metres of a giant buck with 6 even tines in each antler. I have no idea what type of deer this was, it wasn't a Rusa or a Fallow, this was near the Royal National Park. So I'm confident about my abilities. I just wear dark natural tones. But I was thinking if I wear hunting camo it would add to the experience, some atmosphere.
  11. What's the deal with this Sitka stuff eBay tries to sell me? It's very expensive. All these digital patterns. What camo do you guys recommend? I was thinking of Realtree. You might say that there's not enough green on it and it's made for American autumn/fall seasons, but I've noticed most of the bush, if it's green, is too thick to walk through. Open areas generally have trees that are green above head height and are brown at walking height, maybe with some green up to calf length if there's some ground cover growing. I don't really want to be wearing military stuff. So is Realtree a go-er? My research says yes. Especially in summer, everything turns brown. In thick bush I could be invisible in anything. I was thinking realtree xtra. Advice?
  12. I do not recommend the Meindl Island Pro. They may need to be broken in more, but I did two hours walking around the block and they are still stiff. The Meindl Desert Fox is great. A pair of joggers with waterproof socks is better. Gaiters if you like. I do not recommend the New Balance Minimus trail runner. The sole is too thin. Sticks will hurt your feet. On the same note they force you to be silent.
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