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  1. No worries mate, Yeah my window mount set up is very restrictive and can be a PITA but I'm not quite ready to put a hole in my ute so I may have to buy a quad bike or UTV
  2. Mine is the mounted one, although I don't have it through the roof. It is a temp mount I made up that fits into my drivers window like the ones you can buy with the gas strut.
  3. Hi FD, I recently got myself a Powa Beam Pro 9 ( not HID), and I would highly reccomend it it seems very rugged and the pre focused beam is great.I am very happy with it.Good luck mate.
  4. Welcome aboard plenty of great info on this site
  5. will do, thanks Josh ive got to go to the farmers house this weekend as the Foxes have been getting his chooks and he's not a happy camper. So I really don't want to fail. I've heard Big Maxy has had luck with some bird calls so I'll try those aswell
  6. Nice one mate, I'll have to get on the foxpro site and maybe get some more sounds as mine just has the 35 standard sounds that came with it
  7. Yeah we have heaps of Rabbit, hares and crows on this property thats why I thought the calls I used would do the job, I guess I'll persist and see how it goes.
  8. Hi all, I'm having trouble getting any foxes or cats to respond to my Foxpro calls. I'm using sounds like: Lightning Jack, Bay bee cottontail, jackrabbit distress,dying crow,crowfight and nutty nuthatch to name a few. The strange thing is I'm having no luck with the foxpro after 15-20 mins, but once I use a Tenterfield I have got fox or cats within minutes from the same hide. I know getting the foxes or cats is the main thing and as long as I'm getting them it should'nt matter, but I really like the foxpro and would like to use it alot more so if anyone has some sounds they use or techniques they use for their foxpro, please help. PS I'm also considering getting a decoy for my foxpro so I would like to hear from those of you that use one in conjunction with your foxpro. Regards, Pete.
  9. I've got a Trail Blaza 70lt, it's large but is a very rugged and keeps the items plenty cold enough. If you put a splitter board in it you can freeze the bottom items and the top is like a fridge. For normal fridge use it will keep food/drinks at +2 degrees on 2 out of 10 setting, Freezer will do the job at 7 out of 10 and fridge/Freezer will be about 5-6 out of 10.their size is due to the fact they have 75-125mm of insulation (depending on model).Price for mine which is the "standard 70lt" (75mm insulation) was about $1500. I love mine and another bonus is it's made in Australia Hope the info helps mate.
  10. I agree the ASAT suit is awesome I have one myself
  11. I'm From a small town in SW NSW called GOL GOL, I look forward to learning alot from the wealth of knowledge that seems to be on AusHunt.
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