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  1. I got a fenix tk-11 from eBay can highly reccomend it many wallabies are no more due to this little torch. Cost me about 70$ with lion battery and charger
  2. Havent compared it with the CR123 just went by what was said on a forum perhaps i should get some and check it out that would be worth a look.
  3. Ok so i got to take the TK 11 out on friday. I was chasing rabbits and wallabies so just using the savage 22 mag. The torch is very light so it was easy to carry I dont have it gun mounted so I was holding it and resting the rifle on the top. It has a very good spot beam and adequate spill light. The spot was good with my bushnell sharpshooter scope out to about 75m , for bunnies and other small critters it is fine for what i am doing, with a better scope it would improve. It will pick up eyes out to just over 150m but it seemed to just wake up the animals because when spotted the were all travelling away. So if you are looking for a very lightweight easy to use not too expensive torch i can highly reccomend the Fenix TK 11 Led torch. Happy hunting
  4. Thought I should put up some pics. The Torch is a great size not heavy. The adjustment for the different beams is easy, not as easy as a P7, but still quite ok. It comes with a nifty pouch to store it in and the lanyard.
  5. Just got my new Fenix TK 11 Led torch like many others here i have looked at many candlepower forums to decide between the led lenser p7 and another equal torch. I chose the Fenix Tk 11 because of its simplicity (I am not fond of things that are compicated and break when you are in most need) and i found some good reviews on its toughness. I got it from ebay for 77$ posted from Hong Kong. So far My impressions are very good. It is rated at 257 lumens and is rated to 180m as a spotlight, I would say more like 100m fantastic and then ok out for about 50 or so after that. Havent tried it with the scope out hunting yet but that will have to wait for next weekend. It has 2 settings turbo is the brightest spotlight and then a low setting which is still a great light for walking about but not much for spotlighting. I am using an 18650 lion rechargable battery, it is supposed to be the better one with brighter light and longer lasting I will let you know. It has great potential with accesories ,scope mount, remote switch ect. I will try it out for a while before i spend anymore on it but looks promising so far. I will post results of first spotlighting trip next weekend and let you know if it is worth the money. Hope this post is helpfull If you have any questions just ask. Cheers Ctails
  6. Hi from Tas, Grew up north west WA now down here couldnt get a better spot for fishing and hunting. wallabies to feed the dog and this season the deer to feed me. Look forward to hearing some good advice and good stories. Cheers
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