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    .222 CZ 527 Rem Schmidt & Bender 8x56,. MK3 DM80 Reflex Sound Moderator.] [ 22 CZ 452 ,Simmons Aetec 2.5-10x44. Sak Sound Moderator]

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  1. Cheers Gadge will have a look
  2. Thanks for that Jase ,thats about £8.00 over here, the reason i was asking is i have a relative over there on holliday so will get them to buy a few bulbs to bring back cheers
  3. I use a scope mounted 170 striker on my rifle,s just wondering what you guys pay for an osram 100w vertical filiment bulb,we pay nearly £11.00 for 1
  4. G,day im from Scotland i mostly shoot the red fox and roe deer, looks a GREAT Site
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