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  1. Nope I'll definitely never forget that word
  2. Hi Ausman Just a few days afterward you enlightened me about "gleaning" I read the following (in a book I'm reading at the moment), 'You don't appreciate true genius,' said Perlmutter. 'I may glean new details from the archives, but I'm not betting my life's savings on the outcome.' which brought a little smile to my face
  3. Haha, bring it on I say! Yesterday read some server rules where they wrote "there" instead of "their". Today in one of the SAP help files I read "Data could not be copies" instead of "copied". I'm by no means good with English - as a matter of fact it wasn't even my first language - but yeah some people are just terrible!
  4. Phoar! I'm impressed. I incorrectly thought you misspelled learning. My bad!
  5. Toe ek die van sien to doeg ek dit is 'n baie Afrikaanse van! Welkom (When I saw the surname I thought it was a very Afrikaans surname! Welcome)
  6. Rich Here you go: http://www.ghilliesuitsource.com/ Glad to have helped! ps I reckon it think it would be hilarious show up at the shooting range wearing one
  7. Personally want to get a Savage MkII TRR-SR (like the tactical look)* Not sure what the missus and my brother will get. Probably something cheaper... Savage, Marlin, etc *Having said that - what is legal in Aus? I have seen all kinds of crazy looking 22's on the american forums but looking at cleavers / qld gun exchange, I assume you can't buy them here??
  8. Thanks guys - the three of us decided to join the Field and Rimfire Club (QRA) for now. Can always change later.. Cant wait to get my rifle!
  9. Was going to ask a question but then figured chances of it being answered in THIS thread isn't high? Was going to ask if anyone have any advice about which Belmont club to join? There are 3 of us who will all be buying 22LRs, but down the track two of us will also get 223s... Options appear to be: Queensland Field and Rimfire Club (http://www.qldrifle.com) ? SSAA (http://ssaabris.org.au) ? Queensland Military Rifle Club (http://servicerifle.com.au/mambo) ?
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